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The Rapture Report - Mubarak Resigns from Ruling Party; Retains Grip on Power

Mubarak Resigns from Ruling Party; Retains Grip on Power
Written: 02-05-2011
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak resigned as leader of the ruling "National Democratic Party" in Egypt, yet still holds the power in Egypt as the ruler. In fact, as a sign of a reversal of previous positions, it appears that the U.S. is changing their course and are now saying that Mubarak needs to stay in power to keep the country going in the right direction for reforms. This new position is in stark contrast to the reports coming out of Washington previously that had come from U.S. President Obama that Mubarak needed to step down immediately. Apparently we are witnessing another inept decision by the Obama administration who really has no clue as to what to do about the situation. the Jerusalem Post reports:

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak resigned his role as head of the country's ruling National Democratic Party against the backdrop of 12 days of protests throughout the country, Egyptian state television reported Saturday evening. Minutes earlier, Egyptian state TV said the top leadership body of Egypt's ruling party, including the president's son Gamal Mubarak and the party secretary-general Safwat el-Sharif, resigned in a new gesture apparently aimed at convincing anti-government protesters that the regime is serious about reform.

Despite Mubarak's step down from the ruling political party, protesters in Cairo are demanded nothing short of Mubarak's immediate departure from the political scene. The Jerusalem Post goes on to further report:

Protesters have shrugged off other concessions by the regime in the past 12 days of unprecedented street demonstrations, saying they will settle for nothing less than the immediate ouster of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Egypt's ruler for nearly 30 years.

Not only did Mubarak "resign" but his son Gamal who was expected to take over power from his father, but another high ranking official also resigned. This shows the level of despair and uncertainty that is gripping the Egyptian political landscape. Not only has rioting and protesting gone on for 12 days, but there seems to be no end in sight to the demonstrations and calls for reform. But despite the calls for "reform" it is likely that things won't get better as Egypt currently enjoys a pretty good balance in the Middle East region. Despite numerous internal problems with unemployment, food prices, etc that are common in the region, the real problem is the radical fanaticism that is taking over the region. As we know riots and protesters have brought down the governments in Lebanon, Tunisia, and no Egypt. Other countries that are currently threatened with similar situations are Yemen, Syria, and Jordan. So why are the countries surrounding Israel suddenly falling into the hands of radical extremists and terrorist organizations. The answer maybe lie in the fact that this is what is needed to help fulfill the ancient prophecies of Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38-39. These prophecies speak of the end times conflicts between Israel and her immediate enemies within the Middle East region.

The Haaretz newspaper website is reporting that the U.s. has eased up on their demands that Mubarak leave power immediately and have now called for an "orderly" transition of power. The Haaretz news article reports:

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak must stay in power for the time being to steer changes needed for political transition, U.S. President Barack Obama's special envoy for Egypt said on Saturday. "We need to get a national consensus around the pre-conditions for the next step forward. The president must stay in office to steer those changes," Frank Wisner told the Munich Security Conference. Mubarak, who has pledged to step down in September when a presidential election is scheduled, said on Thursday he believed Egypt would descend into chaos if he were to give in to almost two weeks of demands by an unprecedented popular revolt that he quit immediately.

Perhaps one of the reasons for such a change in course of political strategy is that there have been conflicting reports that the Egpytian Vice President Omar Suleiman had survived an assassination attempt on his life Saturday. The Haaretz news website was reporting on of a fox News report that two of Suleiman's bodyguards were killed in the attempted assassination. This sort of political situation shows that Mubarak is right when he says that he should not step down right now as the country would fall into complete chaos as a result. The radical fanatics of Islam would love nothing better than for Mubarak to relinquish control of power and for them to seize this power by any means necessary. Even Iran is on record calling for the protesters to continue to put pressure on the Mubarak regime. This development shows that evil forces are behind the situation in Egypt and it would not surprise me if the Iranians were ultimately behind the whole thing. They are on record for encouraging the "Islamic Revolution" that is taking place across the region.

However, despite their beliefs that there "change" will bring about the destruction of Israel, in fact the Bible tells us that the opposite will result. Not only will the immediate neighbors of Israel be defeated per Psalm 83, but that the Iranian and Russian lead moslem coalition will also be defeated when God supernaturally intervenes to save Israel from what would be certain destruction. I think we are beginning to see the necessary changes that will result in these prophecies being set up for their fulfillment. While only time will tell for sure, it certainly appears that we are seeing a dramatic and unstable shift in the region that will lead to prophetic implications in the region.

As the situation continues to develop, let us continue to watch the region intensely as the developments could provide us with a glimpse of the coming fulfillments of the ancient prophecies as foretold in the Holy Bible. A take over of the surrounding countries of Israel would play perfectly into the prophetic scenario of Psalm 83. Let us continue to pray for Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem. This situation on the ground in the region could put unbelievable pressure on Israel to reallocate vital military resources to monitor the southern border. numerous articles recently have said that because of the "peace treaty" between Israel and Egypt that Israel did not have to devote significant resources to the southern border area as a result. however, if Islamic fundamentalists takeover like the Muslim Brotherhood, this could change the situation on the southern border dramatically. This would cause Israel to be even more vulnerable of other fronts. Please continue to pray for Israel as the region continues to grow more unstable with each passing day. Stay tuned!

God bless.

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