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The Rapture Report - More Chaos in the Middle East as Jordanian King Fires Government Amid Protests

More Chaos in the Middle East as Jordanian King Fires Government Amid Protests
Written: 02-01-2011
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

In another sign that the Middle East region could potentially explode at any moment, it is being reported today that Jordan's King Abdullah has sacked the government and appointed a new Prime Minister. Supposedly the abrupt change in Jordan is due to the protests held by several thousands of people who had called for the Jordanian PM's resignation. It looks like King Abdullah is acting very pronto like in order to try to avoid the same problems that have plagued Tunisia, Lebanon, and Egypt over the past few weeks. As many of you are aware, the Egyptian crisis continues to heat up and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak announced today that he will not run in the next election. The news reports say that Mubarak will step down in September, but I'm wondering if Mubarak will even make it o September with the way things are going right now. The CNN website is reporting:

The King of Jordan dismissed his government Tuesday and appointed a new prime minister with orders to implement political reform. The dismissal follows several protests calling for change in Jordan -- protests that echo demonstrations that have swept across North Africa and the Middle East in the last few weeks.

King Abdullah II asked Marouf Al Bakhit to form a government in Jordan that will implement "genuine political reform," the Royal Court said in a statement. The government will "take practical steps, quick and concrete, to launch a process of genuine political reform" and "comprehensive development," according to a letter from the king to Al Bakhit. It also will act to strengthen democracy, the letter said.

This sudden development comes as no surprise to readers of the Rapture Report as I noted in the previous couple of reports that Jordan was a country that could suffer the same fate as Lebanon, Tunisia, and now Egypt. King Abdullah has been battling rather quietly unrest and moves by the terrorists to cause unrest in Jordan. Well, it appears that King Abdullah could no longer ignore the situation on the ground and in order to avoid losing power, the King Abdullah has initiated a "pre-emptive" campaign of "reform" before he loses control of the situation in Jordan.

The situation on the ground indicates that the people of the Middle Eastern countries are tired of oppressive and dictator type leadership that is common in Middle Eastern countries. The people on the ground see no improvement with their lives and see corruption reach all the way up to the top levels of government. A primary example is the Palestinian leadership who has literally stolen millions upon millions of dollars of foreign aid and placed the money in personal offshore accounts. The situation on the ground also provides the terrorist organizations with an opportunity to step in and provide an alternative to the current regimes that are operating in the previously mentioned countries. One of the leading candidates for the Egyptian leadership position is ElBaradei who was at one time the IAEA director that rebuffed Western attempts to reign in Iran's nuclear program. ElBaradei is also supported by the Muslim Brotherhood which should show us the kind of intentions that will come about should ElBaradei win the elections later this year.

One frequently asked question is "Why are we seeing all this change and protests in the Middle East and how does it effect Bible prophecy?" The answer I believe lies in the fact that God is somehow getting the region ready for the fulfillments of several major prophecies related to the end times. The prophecies that I'm pointing to are Psalm 83, Isaiah 17, and eventually Ezekiel 38-39. The Psalm 83 conflict involves only "Arab" countries that are immediately surrounding Israel. With the Iranian back terrorist organizations taking significant position in these governments, it would finally make the region ready for the fulfillment of Psalm 83. In fact, one of the first things the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt said they would do if they achieved political clout in Egypt was to rip up the peace agreement between Israel and Egypt. As many of you are aware, Hezbollah is pretty much running the show in Lebanon at this time. All of this has caused the Israel government, especially the IDF, to express concerns about having to allocate more military resources to the south in order to account for the Egyptian crisis. A breakthrough for the terrorists in Jordan would mean a three or four front war for Israel in the next conflict as Syria has promised to come to Lebanon's aid in the next round of fighting.

Surely we are seeing the prophetic puzzle pieces moving around the board as we watch the news. The riots and protests are unparalleled in recent history. To me this seems to indicate that something major is happening in the region that should cause those of us who love bible prophecy to stand up and take note. How the situation develops in Jordan remains to be seen, but it appears that the unrest is reaching just about every country in the Middle East or at the very least has the potential to do so. For these reasons we need to monitor the news reports and keep an eye on the Middle East. With the rise and fall of countries lately, if we blink we could miss something. and as always, as we see these things taking place that indicate that the ancient prophecies are coming close to being fulfilled, we need to remember that the blessed hope of the rapture is even closer. So lift up your heads, for your redemption is drawing nigh!! Stay tuned!

God bless.

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