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The Rapture Report - Tensions Continue to Mount in Egypt and the Rest of the Middle East

Tensions Continue to Mount in Egypt and the Rest of the Middle East
Written: 01-27-2011
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

Across the Middle East, riots have taken place from Egypt to Lebanon to Tunisia as people begin to protest the current conditions in which the region is headed. As terrorists continue to make inroads into places like Egypt and Lebanon, the Middle East region is becoming more and more of a powder keg with each passing day. Right now the main emphasis is in the three countries that I mentioned - Egypt, Tunisia, and Lebanon - as these disturbances and uprisings could lead to something bigger across the Middle East. In Egypt for example, it was reported that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's wife and son had fled to Europe to escape the riots and turmoil in the country. As some of you know Hosni Mubarak was grooming his son for the leadership position in Egypt, but in my mind that has got to be rethought given the fact that the son ran away at the first sign of trouble in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood, the terrorist organization that spun out Hamas, is the primary threat to Mubarak's leadership rule in the country. Another individual that wants to play a role is former IAEA leader Mohammed ElBaradei who was a pitiful representative of the organization when he server. Many countries were able to take advantage of his poor oversight and become nuclear powers during his tenure.

Let's look at the recent news headlines and see how serious things are getting in the region, which coupled with the deadlocked peace talks between Israel and the "Palestinians" could cause the region to explode at anytime. The Israel National News is reporting:

The wife of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and their son Gamal, considered the successor to his father as president, have fled to London with 97 suitcases after unprecedented massive protests in Egypt, an Arab website reported. Egyptian officials denied the claim. The plane also reportedly carried Gamal's daughter, the Akhbar Arab website reported. It also said a Twitter account was blocked to prevent a social network campaign to urge the ousting of Mubarak, who is over 80 and is reportedly is suffering from cancer.

The Daily Mail website in the UK reported that thousands of protesters took to the streets of Cairo and demonstrated against the Mubarak regime. There are numerous photographs at the Daily Mail website that show the protesters in the street. The Daily Mail reported:

Thousands of anti-government protesters inspired by the Tunisian revolution clashed with riot police in the centre of Cairo today demanding the overthrow of president Hosni Mubarak. Police responded with water cannon and attacked crowds with batons and tear gas to clear crowds demanding an end to the country's grinding poverty.

The prostest, the largest Egypt has seen for years, began peacefully, with police showing unusual restraint in what appeared to be a concerted government effort not to provoke a Tunisia-like mass revolt. As the crowds in central Cairo's main Tahrir square continued to build, however, security personnel changed tactics and the protest turned violent.

Not only are there protests in Egypt but also in Lebanon as well. The Daily Mail further reported:

Meanwhile, in Lebanon, a prime minster backed by pro-Iranian Hezbollah was appointed sparking angry street protests and fears the move would plunge the country into a new crisis. Billionaire businessman and former premier Najib Mikati, Hezbollah's chosen candidate, moved immediately to try and reassure the country declaring : 'My hand is extended to all Lebanese, Muslims and Christians, in order to build and not to destroy.'

But thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of major cities on what they also called a 'day of rage', accusing Hebzbollah of engineering the collapse of the previous unity government of outgoing Premier Saad Hariri. It was Hezbollah that was behind the kidnap of Western hostages, including Terry Waite and John McCarthy in the 1980s, as well as an attack on US marines in Beirut that killed 241, and their control over the government for the first time will sound alarm bells in Washington and Israel and raise concerns in moderate Arab states.

What interests me about these riots and eruptions is that it threatens the long-term leaders of the region and allows for the terrorists to make inroads in these countries. The result of which could be the fulfillment of Psalm 83 and eventually Ezekiel 38-39 as Israel would be forced or faced with the prospect of battling terrorist organizations on three or four different fronts. With Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood in the south, Hezbollah in the north, and Fatah in the West Bank Israel is finding itself suddenly surrounded by wolves. Gone are the cool headed leaders like Saad Hariri and Rafak Hariri who helped bring calm for Israel along their northern borders. If Egypt's Mubarak were to go down, there is a great chance that what has happened in Lebanon will replicate in Egypt. As we know Hezbollah has pretty much taken over Lebanon at this point.

A takeover of Egypt would put tremendous pressure on King Abdullah of Jordan who has also experienced some unrest in Jordan as well. This unrest and increase in lawlessness in the region could poise us for the fulfillment of Psalm 83 where Israel is forced to soundly and overwhelmingly defeat the "inner ring" of enemies who seek her destruction. The terrorist groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, and others have sworn to destroy Israel. In fact, there are news reports today that Hezbollah agents are in Gaza helping to train and arm Hamas. All this of course is done via proxy with Iran who is behind both groups.

As watchmen on the wall, we need to remain focused on this serious riots and uprisings in the Middle East as there are definitely prophetic considerations at hand. Please join with me as we continue to pray for Israel and the peace of Jerusalem during these end times. As always, as we see possible prophetic scenarios emerge on the horizon, we should always be looking up, for our redemption is drawing nigh!

God bless.

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