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The Rapture Report - U.S. official: Arming of Hezbollah could spark Israel-Syria war

U.S. official: Arming of Hezbollah could spark Israel-Syria war
Written: 01-17-2010
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

A very interesting news headline appeared in the news over the last few days that could possibly indicate how the future fulfillment of Isaiah 17 could play out. The news article quoted a US source who said that Syria has been recently training Hezbollah terrorists on how to use a sophisticated anti-aircraft missile battery. The use of such an anti-aircraft battery could put IAF planes in jeopardy for flying close to or over the Lebanon border. Israel frequently does this in effrots to monitor the terrorist activity in southern Lebanon. This is a very serious development that is listed as being a "red line" for Israel. The Haaretz news website reports:

An American source says that Syria allowed Hezbollah operatives to train within its territory in the use of advanced SA2 anti-aircraft missile batteries, the Kuwaiti daily Al Rai reported Sunday. In an interview, the senior U.S. official warned that if Syria supplies Hezbollah with this type of missile, Israel will bomb Damascus and a war will likely ensue. According to the official, Israel has warned Syria not to allow the transfer of the SA2 missiles into the hands of Hezbollah, and views the transfer of such missiles as the crossing of a red line.


The official added that Israel's top priority at this point is to prevent Hezbollah from obtaining the SA2 missiles, which are controlled from a remote command center. The official stressed that if Syria turns these weapons over to Hezbollah, Israel will not hesitate to strike Syria, including the capital Damascus.

These comments and reports show how easy it would be for a fulfillment of the Isaiah 17 prophecy to take place. As we know from history and news headlines, Damascus is the headquarters for the majority of the terrorist groups in the world. It is essentially the terrorist capitol of the world. Being that Damascus is not far from Israel, it is also easy to see that Israel could make good on this kind of threat in a very short amount of time. To me, the terrorists are playing with fire and will eventually find themselves burned as a result. The Bible would appear to indiocate that they do indeed get burned pretty bad as a result of their bad choices.

The prophet Isaiah tells us of a future destruction of Damascus which results in the utter destruction of the city which will simply be a "heap of ruins" and that will not be inhabited again. The words from the Lord as written by the prophet are as follows:

Isa 17:1 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from [being] a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

With the tension mounting in the region it is quite possible that we could see some serious fulfillment of Bible prophecy in the coming days, months, etc. The terrorists are currently increasing their arms stockpiles and with the addition of SA2 anti-aircraft batteries, they are simply asking for trouble. The Bible tells us that Damascus will be a ruinous heap one day, so it is likely that Damascus will provide the Hezbollah terrorists with the anti-aircraft batteries unless they have a change of heart and I'm not counting on that. The Bible makes it clear that Syria and Damascus have a date with destiny that will eventually be held. I'm thinking that Syrian President Assad is exactly the kind of fellow that could make this sort of fatal mistake. He has been anti-Israel, armed and supported the terrorist proxies, and basically operates with the backing of Iran. All of these ingredients are a recipe for disaster.

In other news the "Big 6" group of world powers comprising of the US, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and China met in order to discuss the current situation with Iran and the possibility of applying more meaningful sanctions in regards to Iran's illegal nuclear program. The Russians announced late Saturday that no new decisions had been made and it was noted that the Chinese envoy left without making any comments. The Chinese for their part sent only a mid-level envoy whereas the rest of the world powers sent their top level envoys. As many of us know the Russians and Chinese have extensive financial relationships with the Iranians and that any sanctions applied to Iran will hurt these two powers the most. So naturally we are going to expect some reluctance by the Russians as well as the Chinese to do anything about Iran at this time. The Chinese have been pushing for more diplomatic talks but this to me is simply a way to stall and buy more time for their Iranian allies. The fact is that the world community has given diplomacy 5-6 years worth of effort and has resulted in absolutely not one iota of progress towards stopping Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

The YnetNews agency is reporting:

Iran meet mainly on sanctions, no decision. A six-power meeting to discuss future action over Iran's nuclear program focused mainly on possible further UN sanctions but ended without a decision, Russian delegate Sergei Ryabkov said on Saturday. "It (the meeting) is inconclusive in the sense that we didn't make any decisions right away," Ryabkov told reporters after the meeting between diplomats from the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China. The US representative, William Burns, said, "It was a very useful session."


All the powers except China sent foreign ministry "political directors" – top-level diplomats – to Saturday's meeting. But Beijing, which is much the least enthusiastic about more sanctions on Iran, sent only a mid-ranking diplomat from its UN mission. The Chinese official left without speaking to reporters. "We talked mostly about the second track, but it doesn't mean we should abandon the first one," Ryabkov said. He was referring to a so-called "dual-track" policy drawn up by the six, of which the first track is dialogue with Tehran and the second is sanctions.

As a result of this it is apparent that the only way to stop Iran is through a military strike that effectively puts their nuclear program out of business. The Iranians seem to only understand the language of force and that is in my opion what it will come down to in order to stop them. Otherwise, we will see Iran become a nuclear power and eventually spread nuclear weapons into the hands of their proxy terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah. The situation with Russia and China is that they have essentially sold out the security of the rest of the world for a few bucks from the Iranians. And the sad part is that Russia and China are not immune from the fanatical Islamic jihad that causes people to fly airplanes into buildings, set off nuclear devices in big cities, etc. Russia or China could find themselves one day paying a big price for their reluctance to stop the Iranians.

With the Middle East peace process basically in a stalemate and no signs to show that they will be revived at anytime, it is not surprising that a conflict could arise pretty soon. Most seasoned and realistic analysts know that with both sides of the peace process not budging at all on "red line" issues that eventually conflict will be used to solve what can't be solved at the diplomatic table. In fact, there is a new news article quoting Israeli foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman as saying that Israel will not give anymore gestures (concessions) to the Palestinians, that it is their turn to provide gestures to the Israelis. While this is certainly true, Israel has provided ample indications and gestures that they are interested in genuine peace, the fact remains that they have not recieved the same desire from the other side. The Jerusalem Post is reporting:

Just a few days before the arrival of United States Middle East Envoy George Mitchell to the region, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Sunday that Israeli gestures towards the Palestinians to get them back to the negotiating table were over. In a press conference held with visiting Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre, Lieberman said "We finished our arsenal of gestures and there will be no other gestures. There is no place to talk about reopening the Orient House or stopping building in Jerusalem. Now it is the time for Palestinian gestures."

Lieberman also went on to add:

Lieberman added that Israel had taken a number of steps toward the Palestinians since the current government came to power, including PrimeMinister Binyamin Netanyahu's speech at Bar Ilan University, the removal of roadblocks, permission to convene the Fatah conference in Bethlehem and the 10-month moratorium on housing construction in West Bank settlements, but added that the Palestinian Authority had not responded in kind.

So at this early point of 2010, it is looking like things could be setting the stage for conflict in the region as the diplomatic process has basically run it's course. The timing of the conflict appears to be the only variable at this time, as both sides begin to buckle down and dig in for what may lie in the future. Let us continue to pray for Israel and that the God of Israel continues to watch over her during these difficult times. As for the church, the signs of conflict and the possible fulfillments of Isaiah 17, Pslam 83, etc. are a reminder for us to keep looking up, as our redemption continues to draw nigh as the rapture of the church could happen at any time.

God bless.

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