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The Rapture Report - Turkey Boosts Ties with Lebanon, Syria and Iran

Turkey Boosts Ties with Lebanon, Syria and Iran
Written: 1-14-2010
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

An interesting article the other day mentioned that Turkey is currently boosting ties with Lebanon, Syria, and Iran. The article mentioned that the Lebanese Prime Minister was in Turkey ratifying documents that would scrap visa requirements, strengthen defense pacts, etc. This article is especially interesting if one looks at the future prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39. Turkey and Iran are specifically mentioned in the prophecy as major players. Couple this with the increased cooperation between Russia and Iran in recent weeks, and then you will see a pattern that looks very much like chess pieces being moved across the board what for their final moves. The Israel National News is reporting:

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri is visiting Turkey to ratify agreements that would scrap visa requirements and strengthen defense cooperation as Ankara tightens its friendship with Israel’s three declared enemies to the north. Turkey and Lebanon also are signing military agreements for training, weapons and exchanging expertise.

Turkey's continuing warming of relations with Iran, Syria and Lebanon comes as leading Israeli media have criticized Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon for disparaging the Turkish ambassador to Israel. Ayalon voiced anger at the envoy on Monday over a Turkish soap opera that spread a blood libel against Israel by depicting Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) agents as kidnappers of babies.

We can see from the above quote that there has been a diplomatic emergency over the last few days in which Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon reprimanded the Turkish ambassador to Israel. This unfortunate series of events occured after it was discovered that Turkish TV had been showing programs spreading a blood libel against Israeli security agents and portraying them as kidnappers of babies. The blood libel issue against Jews is nothing new. Many Islamic news outlets depict Jews as making bread, crackers, etc. with the blood of Palestinian children. The depictions are almost always of a caricature of a Jewish person with a big nose, sinister face, etc. This is nothing but blatant anti-semitism and it is quite upsetting to Israel and her friends who take offense to this criminal behavior and libel propaganda. This is the same sort of propaganda that fueled the anti-semitism of Nazi Germany in which 6 million Jews lost their lives as a result of the Holocaust.

After the reprimand of the Turkish ambassador, the Deputy Foreign Minister apologized not once, but twice for something he did not have to apologize for. In fact, I have yet to see an article from the Turks apologizing for showing such anti-semitic and libelous TV programming. I'm not even sure if the Turks have apologized or not?? And yet Israel was given an ultimatium to apologize by a Wednesday midnight deadline or Turkey would recall it's ambassador. Well, unfortunately we know that there was pressure on the Israelis to appease the Islamic masses and issue an apology. I for one do not think Israel needed to apologize for anything. If anyone should have apologized, it should have been Turkey. But as backwards as the Middle East is with the Islamics, it was just business as usual I guess that Israel once again had to get the short end of the straw in the situation.

One of the ideas floating around in the political establishment in Israel was that the reprimanding of the Turkish ambassador was an attempt by Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Deputy Foreign Minister Ayalon to keep Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak from visiting Turkey in the near future. Before the current tension over the Turkish ambassador situation, Turkey had been making several anti-Israel comments and this was a cause for serious concern in the Israeli political establishment. The Israel National News went on to further report:

Foreign Ministry bureaucrats suggested that Ayalon and Minister Avigdor Lieberman are trying to create a crisis in order to torpedo a planned visit by Defense Minister Ehud Barak to Turkey.

Ankara used to be considered a close friend of Israel, an image that officials of the Labor party, headed by Barak, are trying to maintain. Industry, Trade and Labor Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, a veteran Labor politician, said last month that there is no diplomatic crisis between the two countries despite harsh statements against Israel by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his ministers.

An example of the recent statements by Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan are as follows:

Erdogan this week castigated Israel for bombing Gaza terrorists, allegedly without provocation, and accused Israel of threatening stability in the world because of its assumed nuclear capability. He said in Lebanon, "Is the Israeli government in favor of peace or not? Gaza was bombed again yesterday. Why?” Although Gaza terrorists have escalated rocket fire on Israel almost every day the past week, Erdogan stated, “There were no rocket attacks” when the IDF retaliated.

At a joint press conference with Erdogan, Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri declared that Israel is an enemy of Lebanon.

So, we can see that lately there has been some added tension in the region due to active Turkish incitement against the Israelis. To me, this is just a further indication that Turkey is suiting up for her date with destiny per Ezekiel 38-39. Turkey has been making active moves to the East over the past couple of years after trying desperately to obtain membership in the European Union. But after years of stalling and denying the Turks a perferred membership status, it appears Ankara has now turned their sights away from the West and more towards the East and their fellow Islamic brothers and sisters. In my humble opinion it's just a matter of time before these things come to a head.

Finally, the increased military cooperation between Turkey and her Islamic neighbors was highlighted at the end of the article:

Turkey’s closer military ties with Lebanon follow by two months defense pacts signed with Syria and Iran. Erdogan last October stated that cooperation with the Syria and Iran is important for peace in the Middle East.

During a visit by Erdogan to Iran, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad praised the Turkish Prime Minister for his “clear stance against the Zionist regime.” Turkey also has signed military pacts with Syria and held a joint military drill with its army shortly after canceling the annual military exercise in which Israel participated.

In other news it is being reported by the Iran Focus news website that Russia is making good progress towards getting Iran's first nuclear reactor online. The Iran Focus website reports:

Russian nuclear reactor builder Atomstroyexport announced on Tuesday that it had been successful in testing the second circuit equipment of Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant, state media reported. The successful completion of the hydraulic testing of second circuit equipment of the Bushehr nuclear power plant with pressure buildup to 110 kg/cm2 is seen as a significant step in completing the plant, the state-run Fars news agency reported.

With the region in an escalated state of tension, Iran making more progress towards their evil nuclear ambitions, continued firing of rockets in to Israel by the Iranian proxy terrorists, it does not look like it will be long before something happens that sets the region ablaze. The main players in end times prophecy are definitely moving around the prophetic chess board and taking their places for their final assault on the apple of God's eye. And when that happens, it won't be very pretty for the Islamic invaders.

With that said, let us pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Let us pray for the lost souls who will find themselves on the wrong end of the stick for eternity as they followed their wicked ways against Israel and against God. Let us pray that the lost souls of this world come to know the loving and saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. And as always, keep looking up, for your redemption is drawing nigh!!

God bless.

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