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The Rapture Report - UK Minister Calls For Divided Jerusalem

UK Minister Calls For Divided Jerusalem
Written: 1-10-2012
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

More and more the status of Jerusalem is becoming a daily news item. Today a UK Minister called for the division of Jerusalem which is a long held position of the UK government. The problem right now according to the liberal left is the current building in east Jerusalem, which the world hopes to one day hand over to the Palestinians. Israel, for their part, has declared that Jerusalem shall not be divided but remain the undivided capital of the Jewish state. This naturally angers the anti-semites in the world as they try to stand on the side of the Palestinians who for their part have not made one single "concession nor gesture" to the Israelis that they are interested in genuine peace. The Israel National News reports:

A British Minister on Tuesday kept up his nation's mantra that Israeli construction is a material bar to final status talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority saying it is "counter productive." British Minister for the Middle East and North Africa Alistair Burt's comments came one day after a round of talks between officials from Jerusalem and Ramallah in the Jordanian capital of Amman.

This looney British politician has totally lost himself in the political fog known as the Middle East. It takes what would be normal politicians and turns them into out of touch with reality nuts. The fact is that nothing Israel has done, including the 10 month suspension of building in east Jerusalem, has made any positive effect on the so called peace process. It is hard to make peace when your negotiating partner is hell-bent on your destruction and will not be satisfied with their own state. The current peace process is nothing but an attempt by the so called "Palestinians" (when in fact there's no such thing) to wrestle as much "real estate" as they can from the Israelis diplomatically before launch a final assault to push what remains of Israel into the Sea.

The Israel National News article went on to further report:

Burt also said that the building of settlements beyond the so-called 'Green Line' is counter-productive and insisted Jerusalem would have to be divided. Observers say Burt's comments carry a characteristic British undercurrent of criticism for Israel while remaining pointedly silent on the abject refusal of PA officials to come to the table for two years running.

PA officials have set preconditions known to be unacceptable to Israel as a fait accompli for forestalling talks that would require concessions they have no prepared their public for. These include a release of all Arab terrorists from Israeli prisons, a renewed building freeze in Judea and Samaria, and the pre-1967 lines as a starting point for talks.

Israeli officials say they are ready to negotiate without preconditions from either side at any time. A previous 10-month building freeze by Israel, they note, resulted not in renewed talks but additional preconditions - and PA unilateralism.

As we see from the following quote that the Palestinians have thrown up one road block after another in which to sit down with the Israelis and negotiate a final status agreement to bring supposed peace. But the fact is it is hard to even make it to the table when your so called "partner for peace" makes demands that are outrageous and simply not possible. The requests from the Palestinians essentially leave Israel in such a state of weakness that they would face annihilation if it were not for the Bible telling us that the Jews will indeed survive and that God would see them through this current conflict.

Finally, another nail in the proverbial coffin is that the Palestinians have been working on including Hamas into the current PLO which is absolutely insane as Hamas has declared very recently that they have no intention of recognizing Israel or ever making peace with them. Hamas is sticking to their true mission and that is the destruction of the state of Israel. This makes the process for resuming talks with the Palestinians merely a waste of time. But we can surely see that the Lord foretold that Jerusalem would become a "burdensome stone" for the world and that all who tried to interfere would be harmed. The fact is that Jerusalem belongs to the Jews and God will see that his Holy City remains as it rightfully should with the Jews. So anyone who calls for a divided Jerusalem will need to take that up with God Almighty.

As we enter the year 2012 I would expect that the status of Jerusalem would continue to grow and consume the world's interest and time. Let's keep watching as we can see that time is rapidly coming to a close for the end of this age. Stay tuned.

God bless.

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