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The Rapture Report - More nations will recognize Palestinian state, PA says

More nations will recognize Palestinian state, PA says
Written: 01-08-2010
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

Currently students of Bible prophecy are watching a unique phenomena occurring in the Middle East as more and more nations are beginning to recognize the yet founded "state of Palestine" despite the fact that no such state has ever existed before. The pressure being placed on Israel by the Palestinian Authority as well as the international community in regards to building construction in east Jerusalem is very intense. The Palestinians for their part want this construction to stop as they hope to lay claim to east Jerusalem including the Temple Mount and "old city" area as a capital of their future Palestinian state. The truth of the matter is that the Israelis have declared that a united Jerusalem will be the eternal capital of Israel and rightly so. Even while the Jews were out of the region as a majority, there has always been a Jewish presence in the land since the establishment of the ancient Israel back in biblical times. This is the foundation upon which the land belongs to the Jews as it was given to them by God and through the Holy Bible they have the title deed to the land.

However, as Bible prophecy has predicted the state of Israel and the topic of Jerusalem will be on the minds of everyone here in the last days. The fact that Jerusalem and the construction issue has been raised to the forefront of the Middle East region has shown once again the reliability and truthfulness of the Holy Bible. For God has foretold things before they have occurred, so that when they come to pass, people might believe. But sadly, much of the world has swallowed the lie that the ancient land of Israel belongs to this so called group of "Palestinians" which is simply not true. The devil has the world fooled and they have swallowed his lie hook, line, and sinker.

In a recent news article in the Jerusalem Post we can see that the Palestinian Authority is trying a new tactic in the so called "peace" process and that is to try to get the international community to recognize a Palestinian state on 1967 borders and with east Jerusalem as their capital. They are also insisting on the "right of return" for some several million refugees inside the Jewish state even though there is ample room for them in a newly created Palestinian state. The reason for this is nothing less than the destruction of Israel. The Palestinian Authority has shown time and time again that they are not concerned about a genuine peace with Israel but instead prefer to carve up the country into a smaller one so that the next attacks on it will be the final nail into the Israeli coffin. The Jerusalem Post article reports:

Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki praised Chile for its decision to recognize a Palestinian state, Army Radio reported on Saturday. Maliki added that he believed other states would also recognize a Palestinian state despite Israel and US efforts to prevent such recognition.

After a day of conflicting reports, Chile joined a growing number of Latin American nations on Friday night officially recognizing Palestinian statehood. "Chile has recognized the Palestinian state as a free, independent and sovereign state," Chilean President Sebastián Piñera announced. "In this way we contribute to that end may exist in the Middle East, a Palestinian state and a state of Israel that can live in peace and prosperity and recognized frontiers with secure borders."

The truth is the Palestinians have no intention of living side by side with the Israelis in the Middle East. Terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah have declared many times that they will not rest until the Jews are pushed into the "sea" meaning the Mediterranean Sea. Israel for their part expressed regret over the Chilean announcement and it is reported that:

The Foreign Ministry expressed regret over the Chilean government's decision to recognize the existence of a Palestinian state. The statement from Jerusalem said such acts of recognition do not promote negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

The fact that five current South American countries have recently expressed recognition for a Palestinian state has given the left wing Israeli political groups ammunition in which to attack the right wing government of Benjamin Netanyahu. However, despite the recognition of other countries for the PA the fact is that negotiations must take place between Israel and the Palestinians. These negotiations have remain stalemated as the Palestinians have place ridiculous demands on the Israelis that does not provide for the safety and security of an Israeli state living side by side with a Palestinian state. As long as the Palestinians continue to make such ridiculous demands, the Middle East peace process will continue to suffer one setback after another.

One of the concerns of the recent Chilean announcement is that the country is considered a right wing state whereas the previous four countries are seen as leftists. The fear in the Israeli political community is that the Chile recognition of Palestine may open the door for other right wing governments to recognize Palestine. The Jerusalem Post article reported:

Unlike the five previous Latin American countries which have recognized a Palestinian state in the past three months, including Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia and Ecuador, Chile has a right-leaning government whose politics are not necessarily critical of the US, and by extension, of Israel. Some believe Chile's decision may pave the way for other right-leaning governments in the area like Colombia, Mexico and Peru to recognize a Palestinian state.

While the international community and the Palestinians continue to wrangle and wrestle with Israel over the Middle East peace process, the truth still remains that the only suitable solution involves both parties sitting down and negotiating an agreeable deal. However, this is mankind's way of thinking. God does not see this as the case. The fact remains that the Lord gave the Israelis the title deed to the land as recorded in the Bible and he told them that the land belonged to him and that they were not to divide or sell it. So by participating in the "land for peace" the Israelis are once again disobeying the Lord. And for this reason, they will continue to face hardships until the Lord finally steps in and defends them from the mess they have created for themselves.

As students of Bible prophecy we should know who is actually behind this land for peace nonsense and that is the devil. He wants the Temple Mount area and the old city, in fact he wants the entire city and at first he will agree to part of the city, but eventually he will get his Palestinian and Islamic "workers" to try to do the rest of his devilish business. This is probably where we will see the fulfillments of the Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38-39 prophecies as Jerusalem and Israel continue to occupy the world's focus and pressure continues to mount on Israel for a settlement.

Let us continue to pray for Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem. The Lord is the only one who can bring peace to this shattered region that is riddled with conflict. May the Lord return swiftly and carry out his perfect plan of redemption for mankind. and as his return gets closer and closer, we who are believers should also realize that the rapture of the church is even closer. Please Lord, let it be today!! Stay tuned.

God bless.

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