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After the Rapture

After the Rapture
By Chris Schang

The time immediately after the rapture will be a time of unprecedented chaos and horror. After having suddenly seen millions of people vanish before the eyes in what is know as the rapture of the church, many people will either recognize what has happened or they will deny it and continue in the unrepentant state of being. The people who see the rapture and realize what has happened will be some who sat on the fence waiting for one final proof that the Bible was true and that salvation as in Jesus Christ. These people will have heard the Gospel message but ignored the calls to make a decision for Christ. While many of these people will go on to become believers in Jesus Christ, they will do so under a different set of circumstances than the people of today who believe by grace through faith. These people who become saved after the rapture will pay an extreme price for their new found faith in Jesus. Many will become what we call tribulation martyrs as they will have to pay the ultimate price for following Jesus. But the Bible is clear in Revelation that many will come out of the tribulation and wash their robes, which refers to being saved and redeemed.

However, after the rapture there will be another group that will see the rapture and will try to explain it away by various means. These people will be unbelievers who have no love for God. These people will try to explain away the rapture as happening as a result of man's evolution to a higher level. These people will know about Jesus and the prophesied rapture but will not respond to the sudden disappearance of millions of people. The world mocks God and unrepentant sinners will continue on after the rapture as they continue on in disbelief.

The facts that they could still obtain salvation through Jesus Christ will be lost upon them. They will continue to delight in wickedness and evil despite the overwhelming evidence that they have been deceived. The world will likely celebrate the removal of the Christian church as the Holy Spirit is withdrawn and evil is given full reign. The church, the salt of the world, will no longer be around to help keep order and restrain evil. With the Holy Spirit being the restrainer and the church gone, wickedness and evil will rule the days.

However, shortly after the rapture the world will enter the dreaded tribulation period which will be a time of judgment and punishment for the remaining inhabitants of the world. These inhabitants will be unbelieving Israel and unrepentant sinners. God's judgments after the rapture will help to turn the Jewish people as well as unrepentant sinners back to God. Judgment after judgment will inform all of mankind that the Almighty God is sending them a message that God will not put up with sinful men forever. That there is a time limit to the wickedness and evil of mankind. It is my hope that mankind will heed the judgments of the tribulation period and turn back to their maker. God does not want any to perish, but for all to come to faith in Jesus Christ.

After the tribulation has run it's course, the Lord Jesus Christ will return to defeat his enemies and establish his millennial rules for a 1,000 years. This will be a wonderful time as the Lord Jesus returns and rules from Jerusalem with an iron rod. I encourage everyone to make a decision for the Lord Jesus Christ and to look eagerly for his appearing.

God bless.

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