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Praise 'n Pitchforks - Interesting Emails from Readers

Welcome to the "Praise 'n Pitchforks" interesting emails section of our website. In this section we have emails that have been sent to us that offer both the pros and cons of people's opinions about Rapture Forums. We will post regular updates to this section as we get emails. Any emails that have profanity, the use of the Lord's name in vain, etc. will not be posted here.

Your website is fascinating. I find it very useful for Bible study. Thank you. Sincerely, Sharon.

I just run across your web site yesterday and I have throughly enjoyed reading your information I agree with in pretrib because like you said God's judgements are for people that reject Him, He always makes an escape for His own. Thank you so much for this web site. May God continue to help you get the word out Jesus is coming soon.

I came upon your website a long time ago and have been reading the articles and the prophecies which as very good and accurate. I am 23, I am a born again christian as I have accepted Christ Jesus as my Savior and Lord and repent of my sins to Him and invited Him into my life. I am 23, Jesus Christ has been working with me and showing me many things and spreading His Gospel to friends and family with a loving heart, and the Holy Spirit leads and guides me not the law as I have seen many cults do. I am now commited to bible study and keep contact with other christians as well, how would I know if the Lord Jesus is calling me to work for Him? I have had much dreams lately and feel He is knocking at my heart and calling me. I would deffinately like to keep in touch with you guys, thanks for everything. Regards. May God bless you

Thank you....keep going.....your work is not in vain. Dianna

Chris, Thank you for the answer. Please also thank Pastor Adrian. Your website has been a fantastic resource for me in my road to becoming a better Christian. God bless. Best regards, James

I can't help but tell you how completely in love I am with your website. I do not know who writes the articles, but they are magnificent. Well written. Articulate. Just a superb job. If I were not a Christian, I would be hard pressed to disagree with your logic. Anyone who read it and DOES disagree obviously doesn't have two brain cells to rub together. Wow. I am so impressed with the writer of these articles...whomever they might be. Thanks for your dedication.

I just wanted to say, I have been blessed by all that I have read on rapture forum. keep up thegoog work it is a good cause. may God bless you are yours.

You are a falsehood there is no rapture. You are going against God's teachings. Judgement starts at the pulpit. Have you not read. It's your teachings not of God. If you want to be taught the right way. Watch The Shepherd's Chapel Comcast station channel 10 Mon-Fri at 7:00 am. Just watch 1hour and the truth will set you free. The Key of David unlocks the truth that no one or man can take it away. May God direct you as I also belonged to a church that just taught man's traditions. Did you also know that the anti-christ is Satan himself. It is written in many places in the KJV. From the same King line of Christ Melkazodock. King of the Just.

Read Ezekiel ch13:20 Wherefore thus saith the Lord God;Behold, I am against your pillows, wherewith ye there hunt the souls to make them fly, and I will tear themfromyour arms,and will let the souls go, even the souls that ye hunt to make them fly. 1 Thessalonians ch4:17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air; and so shall we ever be with the Lord. It doesn't mean that we are flying anywhere. It means we are now in a spiritual body. That is what air means. We don't have with gs angels don't have wings birds have wings. God makes things accordingly. There is no such thing as a unicorn it is a wild ox. Look it up in the Bible dictionary.

One thing, how bout taking down that pic of obamie with the halo. Couldn't stand looking at him before. Now that we've re-elected him, it makes me physically ill. Thanks for your site, really gives me Hope that we are soon outta here.

You should not be spreading the hate that you are, especially when it is NOT based on what Christ taught of love and cooperation but on what right wing fundamentalists preach in their fear and vehement hatred of democrats and anything that looks foreign to them be it race or religion. Jesus NEVER taught that we should fear and hate those who are different from us and NEVER PREACHED WAR or GENOCIDE against Palestinians which you support currently. Shame on you, God is watching!!

Chris, The problem is that you are Not teaching what the what the Apostles taught, as what you are teaching is blatant falsehood, and you are brushing aside my comment with scriptural backup as if it is meaningless. You and your forum are the ones propagating Heresy ! Jesus said about your kind, that if you misled just one of these little ones, it would be better for you to have a millstone tied around your neck, and be cast into the sea ! (and drowned)

I do Not need you your "bible study link" to the Pre-Trib Heresy, as I am far more educated on this issue than any theologian here in the U.S. Your arrogant response to me, and refusal to discuss this issue is downright cowardly, and I shall keep your email response to me, for possible future public revelation of your false teaching on eschatology, as I am going to by God's grace, dismantle this Heresy, and expose all those who teach it. Sincerely, Morgan Sorensen

Because of your website I has come back to jesus and is ready to grow in my walk with him. Thanks

Rapture Forums are a Blessing to Me, I check it out everyday, its my favorite website. I learn so much from the forums that help Me with my walk with God. Thankyou for the forums. God bless. Jim

Chris: Yes, your ministry is very informative to our family. In fact, I just talked to another Christian about you and have forwarded your website to her. I did mention that I will be supporting you. I hope she does as well. Maranatha. Patrick

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