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Bible Prophecy Today

Bible Prophecy Today
By Chris Schang

Bible prophecy in today's world is becoming more and more important as events in the world begin to show a steady spiral downhill. With the increases in earthquakes, pestilences, famines, and the fulfillment of end times Biblle prophecy we can see that Bible prophecy today is now more important than ever. With the re-birth of the modern state of Israel, Bible prophecy watchers know that we have entered into what the Bible refers to as the "end times" or the "last days". These are the very days that the Bible warns believers to watch for as the signs of the end times will be prevalent and that the season of the Lord's coming would be known to those who are sober and watching.

Bible Prophecy today focuses mainly on the major end times events as well as fulfilled prophecy here in the last generation. The re-birth of the modern state of Israel is oftentimes referred to as the major sign that the beginning of the end times has begun. While the Jewish re-capture of Jerusalem (see Luke 21:24) is also seen as another major sign that the world has entered the last days leading to the visible return of the Lord Jesus Christ at the Second Coming. (For more information on the sequence of end times events please click here.)

While there has been a lot of Bible prophecy having been fulfilled by the First Coming, there are more than 500 prophecies dealing with the end times and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. One of the most interesting, as well important prophecies, concerns the re-gathering of the Jewish people from one end of the world to the other in what is oftentimes referred to as the "Diaspora". Jewish people today are making what is called "aliyah" back to the promised land of Israel. This is in direct fulfillment of the prophetic scriptures of Isaiah 11:10-12 and Ezekiel 36:22-28. At the beginning of 2010 the population of Israel stood at approxiamtely 7.5 million people. This is significant in that only about 150 years previously Mark Twain had visited the region and said that it was pretty much a wasteland and that he did not see any individuals for tens of miles. Today the land of Israel is a thriving center of Jewish culture, arts, economy, and life.

Some of the other Bible prophecies today focus on the technological advances being made in the world that will help the future Antichrist to carry out his diabolical schemes of military conquest and economic slavery featuring the dreaded mark of the beast. Only in our lifetime could we make such advances as satellite television that will allow the world to finally form into a One World Government as foretold by the book of Daniel. With the rise of the United Nation and various globalist organizations the world today is ripe for the fulfillment of prophecies that were once considered allegory or hand-waved away as being symbolic. The Bible specifically mentions that the Two Witnesses of God will lie dead in the streets of Jerusalem for three and a half days before being miraculously resurrected and called up to Heaven in sight of the whole world. As mentione dpreviously, only with the advent of modern day satellite technology has this prophecy be able to be fulfilled in a literal manner. (For more info on end times prophecies please check out our our section on 101 Last Days prophecies.)

Since the final fulfillment of First Coming prophecies in 70AD with the destruction of Jerusalem and the Sanctuary, Bible prophecy has for the most part been put "on hold" during what is now known as the "church age" or the creation of the "new man" that God is working on for himself. The Bible mentions that this "new man" will be a combination of Jews and Gentiles, a special people made righteous by faith and destined to rule and reign with the Lord in the future. As mentioned previously, the major end times prophecies of the re-birth of Israel coupled with the re-capture of Jerusalem are seen as the major road signs that the end times have indeed begun and that time is running out for mankind as God begins to wrap up his perfect plan for the redemption of mankind. for these reasons, Bible prophecy today is extremely important and worth the effort to pursue, as it is simply the future told in advance.

So with these thoughts in mind, we should continue to focus on Bible prophecy today as it gives us a clear roadmap of what to expect in the future as well as providing us with the evidence we need to trust and believe in God. God does not ask that we believe and trust in him by blind faith, rather he tells us that those that seek him genuinely and sincerely, will find him. (Jer. 29:13) And it is with these words that we should study Bible prophecy today.

God bless.

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