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The York Rite: Christian Freemasonry?

The York Rite: Christian Freemasonry?
By Ed Decker

We continue to receive mail from people who say that, while the many other branches of Freemasonry are certainly pagan, the York Rite is a Christian Rite from start to finish. Would that it were true.

First, the deep roots of Freemasonry are entwined within every branch of the craft and go through every level of paganism, cultic and occult practices, right into the depths of Luciferic rituals. No part of the system is exempt. The York Rite is no different and those men within it who claim it is free from any non-Christian influence are either blind fools or lying through their teeth!

Let's look at the "Knights Templar" Degree. It is reported to have originally been established to preserve and protect the craft. The special garb worn in the degree consists an Apron, sash and cordon.

The center of the Apron displays a hand holding a severed head, dripping blood. On the flap is a hand holding a knife. Drops of red blood cover the white background.

The Sash is white with a yellow fringe. It is filled with gory, severed heads, arms and legs, mixed in with knives, crosses and crowns. The cordon , which goes around the neck, is dark satin with severed heads down the side and a small ceremonial sword as the breast ornament. Along with these grotesque items is a human skull cut and pinned so that the top of the skull can be detached to use a drinking vessel. And they call this the Christian Rite?


The paraphernalia of this ritual should be evidence enough that the York Rite is every bit as pagan as the Scottish Rite, but let me finish this up with a few excerpts from the rite, itself.

The obligation in this degree, called the Master's Nine Of Elect, is now given to the candidate in the usual form. While the candidate is kneeling at the altar, the companions all stand over him with raised poniards, as if about to stab him. Meanwhile a horrible, bloody head sits on the altar, facing him.

He swears this blood oath: "I do solemnly swear, in the presence of Almighty God, that I will revenge the assassination of our worthy Master, Hiram Abiff, not only on the murderers, but also on all who may betray the secrets of this degree; and furthermore, that I will keep and protect this Order with all my might, and the brethren, in general, with all my power, and furthermore, that I will obey the decrees of the Grand Council of Princes of Jerusalem; and, if I violate my obligation, I consent to be struck with the dreadful poniard of vengeance, now presented to me, and to have my head cut off, and stuck on the highest pole, or pinnacle, in the eastern part of the world, as a monument of my villainy! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen!"

The vows here are sealed with the Fifth Libation or The Sealed Obligation. The candidate is given the human skull filled with wine, which he drinks after swearing that "the sins of the person whose skull this once was, be heaped upon my head, in addition to my own; and may appear in judgment against me, both here and hereafter, should I violate or transgress any obligation in Masonry, or the Orders of [this] knighthood..."

I am sorry, but any man who has sworn such oaths has so violated his Christian faith that I suspect he and all those over whom he has headship have been removed from that umbrella of Christ's protection.

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