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Satanic Rituals Within Mormonism

Satanic Rituals Within Mormonism
By Ed Decker

It has been a bad month for public relations at LDS Church headquarters! First, former LDS General Authority Paul H. Dunn finally apologized for lying in many of his talks about his exploits during the war and in pro baseball. (See our Newsletter, 3/91 and 4/91).

Then, on October 25, 1991, just in time to spoil Halloween, a secret, internal report from the Presiding Bishopric of the LDS Church surfaced. It alleged that satanic ritual child abuse (known as SRA) was being perpetrated by both members and leaders of the Mormon Church in Utah, Idaho, California, Mexico and elsewhere.

SRA is defined as abusive acts of either emotional, psychological, sexual or physical battering which are done in a religious or occult context. These acts are designed to subjugate the children involved and brainwash them into a satanic mindset. SRA is usually done by parents, grandparents or other adults who have access to the children in the sadly misguided hope of gaining occult power from Satan.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the report, by Bishop Glenn L. Pace, states that such abuse was being done by officers of the church. Even temple workers and Tabernacle choir members stand implicated of SRA in church meetinghouses and perhaps even in the temples. At least 45 of the victims claim they were forced to observe or participate in human sacrifice.

In the report, Pace testifies that I have met with sixty victims. That number could be twice or three times as many if I did not discipline myself to only one meeting per week ... I don't pretend to know how prevalent the problem is...Assuming each [victim] comes from a coven of 13, we are talking about the involvement of 800 or so right here in the Wasatch Front. Obviously, I have seen only those coming forth to get help.

Saints Alive in Jesus had received a copy of the report in late summer. We opted to refrain from publishing it without further substantiation, since it would be difficult to believe on its own merit. This was also because we have been accused, in the past, of publishing sensationalistic or occult information about the LDS Church. We wished to be careful in the matter. However, while similar information has been emerging for years about this kind of practice within the church, this is the first time the Church has in any way acknowledged its existence.

At our 1990 Capstone conference, we showed video clips for the film, THE GOD MAKERS II. These clips included interviews with people who testified that they were involved in satanic rituals within the LDS Church that match those reported by Bishop Pace.

That was not the first time we reported on the diabolical core of the LDS theology. Ed Decker exposed the Church's satanic roots three years earlier with his ground-breaking teaching, "The Sure Sign of the Nail" in Salt Lake City in 1987.

Before that, in 1981, former temple veil worker Chuck Sackett produced material in WHAT'S GOING ON IN THERE? which showed that the mysterious temple chant Pay Lay Ale (removed from the temple rites in 1990) translates from the Hebrew as "Marvelous Lucifer!" or "Marvelous (false) god!" Thus, the satanic connections in Mormonism were by no means news to us or our readers. However, we are heartbroken to find that the problem within the church may be even more wide-spread than even we imagined.


However, we are disturbed by the strange, but typical "spin" put on the story by the media. Essentially, the LDS Church is portrayed by some as being victimized by evil satanists who have infiltrated its ranks and defiled its children.

Additionally, the LDS Church has issued the following official statement:

Satanic worship and ritualistic abuse are problems that have been around for centuries and are international in scope. While they are, numerically, not a problem of major proportions among members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, for those who may be involved they are serious.

That should get a reward of some sort for the bland understatement of the year! If a high-level LDS leader reports over 800 satanists who are "active Mormons" in just the Wasatch Front and between 60 to 180 victims-that is a problem of "major proportions."

At Saints Alive, we have prayed with and counseled dozens of people who are survivors of one sort of cult activity or another. Each of them is a precious human being who has had incalculable damage done to them by this sort of evil. Without the power of the blood of Jesus Christ, such people would have little hope at all. Their personal plights cannot be trivialized.

Beyond that, it is historically difficult to characterize the LDS Church as an innocent church which just happened to be victimized by invading satanic perverts. Certainly, many churches have had this sort of problem come up in the past few years-though none to the spectacular degree indicated in Pace's report. However, there are some deeper issues here which touch on theology and spirituality and they must be addressed.


Most reports of the LDS Church's problems with satanic abuse don't mention that Mormonism was originally brewed in a seething cauldron of occultism, sorcery and blood sacrifice. Contrary to charming tale of the "First Vision," the actual beginnings of Joseph Smith's spirituality were steeped in witchcraft.

First, Joseph Smith, Sr. and his entire family were cast magic circles and practiced the "faculty of Abrac," according to Joseph Smith, Jr.'s own mother, Lucy Mack Smith! Abrac is short for Abracadabra, and is a common, old-fashioned way of saying that they practiced magic.

Joseph Smith himself practiced "glass-looking," a 19th century term for scrying or crystal-ball gazing. He was even convicted of this in a Bainbridge, NY court. In fact, Joseph's annual meetings (on a witchcraft holiday) with the angel Moroni on Hill Cumorah were actually attempts to conjure up a demon spirit through magic and necromancy. There is strong evidence that in 1824 he actually had to dig up the body of his dead brother, Alvin, and bring part of that body with him to the hill to gain the gold plates!

Joseph Smith was also well-known in his community for using blood sacrifices in his magic rituals to find hidden treasure. One report said that:

Jo [sic] Smith the prophet, told my uncle William Stafford, he wanted a fat black sheep. He said he wanted to cut its throat and make it walk in a circle three times around and it would prevent a pot of money from leaving.

Smith's participation in this kind of occult ritual is born out by several other testimonies. Additionally, after his death, Smith was found to be carrying a magic talisman on his person sacred to Jupiter, and designed to bring him power and success in seducing women.

Now, with un-Biblical practices like that at its roots, how could the tree of Mormonism be anything else but sinful and occult? As has been frequently shown, the sacred temple rituals of the LDS Church are grounded in Masonry and witchcraft. Even the icons on the outside walls of the older temples are right out of witchcraft text-books.

Is it any wonder that Mormons get involved in these sorts of abominable practices when they are submitted to a priesthood that flows right out of the very jaws of hell? When their founding prophets were sorcerers, how could the striving, good-hearted Mormon resist the blandishments of the occult or satanism?

Additionally, there is the precedent set by Joseph Smith with his "sacred" marriages to dozens of women; some of them already married! Mormons cry out in righteous anger about the sexual abuse of children and young adolescents. They need to recall that Joseph Smith's first "plural wife" was a barely pubescent teenager named Fanny Alger who was living right in their home.


Then, another question which must arise again-even as it arose earlier during the Mark Hoffman bombing tragedy. If the LDS Church is truly the Church of Jesus Christ and is run by a "Living Prophet," then how can such atrocities even get to "first base?

LDS doctrine teaches that all bishops and stake presidents have "keys of discernment" with which they can tell if church members are lying or living unworthy lives. Yet, many of these satanists are also card-carrying "Temple Mormons" who would have to pass the annual muster of stringent questioning from both their bishop and their stake president. In fact, Pace reported that some of the satanists are bishops and stake presidents themselves!

Additionally, Mormons believe that the temples themselves are watched by angels; and that no unworthy person (even if they held a valid temple recommend) could enter. Either the human temple worker at the gate would be "told" to refuse them entry; or the angel would stop them. How much more so would these sentinels stand against the entry of actual evil rituals, themselves?

We are talking about people who torture children and kill people! If such people can pass by the power of the priesthood authority of the LDS Church and participate in their sacred temple rites, then what good is such a priesthood?

To prove the truthfulness of the church, Mormons quote Amos 3:7: "Surely the LORD God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets." However, if even a tenth of Bishop Pace's accusations are true, not only has the Lord been doing things without revealing them to the LDS "prophets," but Satan has also been sliding a lot of evil by them, too.

Since virtually all the testimonies Pace has gathered are from adult survivors of SRA, this means that these practices have gone on in the LDS Church for at least a generation, if not multiple generations! Yet where were the "prophetic"warnings of these practices 20 years ago? The truth is obvious. These are prophets who do not prophecy in the name of God.


Of course, another issue which has emerged through the publication of the Pace report is that many of those he interviewed were brought into awareness of the atrocities done to them through their attendance at the temple. Participation in its rites had caused them to "trigger" and see flashbacks of rites done to them as children. This was only possible because the LDS temple rituals were virtually identical to those rites being done by the satanists!

Now, the "theory" presented by the Mormons and their supporting media is that satanists have infiltrated the LDS Church. These satanists have stolen the rituals of the temple and deliberately used them in a satanic, blasphemous fashion. However, it is difficult to blaspheme something which is already blasphemous!

For years we have known that the LDS temple rituals were full of occult and satanic symbolism! It's ironic that we exposed many of those portions in the movies, THE GOD MAKERS and TEMPLE OF THE GOD MAKERS. Those portions were subsequently removed from the temple last year. Many of these elements have been present in witchcraft and Freemasonry for hundreds of years-long before Joseph Smith was born!

Whether these modern satanists and witches stole the rites from the LDS temple or whether they were being used by both the satanists and Smith separately cannot be proven. However, if the LDS temple rituals can be so easily and effortless adapted to witchcraft and satanism; then what does that say about those rites in the first place?

Plainly, it shows that they are already replete with pagan and anti-Biblical elements. They only need minor tinkering to be completely compatible with diabolical theology! As our dear friend Jim Spencer has said, "When the devil starts preaching my sermons, I'd better start asking myself where I am getting my material."


Since Saints Alive began speaking out on these issues of the occult and satanic core elements in Mormonism; we have been the target of steady and severe criticism from a couple of other ministries. Ed Decker has been accused of being psychotic or out of touch with reality for speaking out about the satanic roots of Temple Mormonism.

Jim Spencer and Bill Schnoebelen have had their reputations slandered and their ministries attacked. Bill, as a former satanist and Temple Mormon, was singled out. Everything possible was done to destroy his testimony as a witch who was told to join the LDS Church by high-level witches because it was essentially a safe witchcraft organization. As early as 1986, he warned about the strong correlations between the temple rites and occult ceremonials.

These attacks have cost us a great deal! We know many people chose to believe what was being said and are no longer supporters of this ministry. Yet we chose not to respond publicly, because we felt the Lord did not call us to fight publicly with another ministry, however justified we felt in the flesh. We did respond with answers privately but that only fueled the fires of criticism and the attacks just continued.

We have quietly but firmly held to our position. Now LDS leaders and news media are speaking openly of the satanic conspiracy within Mormonism, and we wonder if we will hear any apologies from those who attacked us? We feel that these reports have vindicated our position in the strongest possible way on the satanic strongholds within Mormonism.

Whichever ultimately is the case, satanism using the safe haven of Mormonism or Joseph Smith borrowing from Freemasonry, the occult and witchcraft in its creation; the larger point is that the very fact that all of these religions are tributaries of the same satanic river! It should be a cause of deep concern to every Mormon that witches and satanists can blend so seamlessly and effortlessly into their church! It should be even more alarming that such people can freely move into the most sacred precincts of its temples!


The alleged multi-generational character of these satanic groups within Mormonism brings into stark relief the broader problem within the LDS Church-the sin problem! Heinous as these crimes are, they should really not surprise anyone who understands either the history or doctrine of Mormonism and the Holy Bible!

First, Mormonism denies the Biblical doctrine of Original Sin. Mormons do not believe the Bible when it says "...all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;" (Rom.3:23), or "There is none righteous, no, not one" (Rom. 3:10). They refuse to accept the words of the Psalmist when he declares, "Behold, I was shapen in iniquity, and in sin did my mother conceive me." (Ps. 51:5).

Mormons prefer to think that humanity is essentially good. They do not believe the Word of God which teaches us the painful truth that "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?"(Jer. 17:9) They have departed from the revealed Truth of God! Thus, they cannot understand nor appreciate the enormity of sin in their own lives, nor in the lives of their fellow men and women-whether LDS or not!

Thus, Mormons begin with a faulty premise. They believe that they can, though effort of human will, achieve victory over the sin in their lives-without the blood or the cross of Jesus Christ! In fact, an official pamphlet of the LDS Church, teaches that the historic Christian doctrine (1 John 1:7) of the blood of Jesus Christ cleansing us from all sin is "...such utter nonsense and so palpably false that to believe it is to lose one's salvation."

Thus, they turn their backs on the only solution to sin which God provides. They do not understand that in their lives, as in the lives of all unregenerate (non-Born Again) people, there is a kind of spiritual entropy at work.

Entropy is the thermodynamic law which says that all elements tend to break down and get worse over time. This is, if anything, more true in the spiritual arena. Sin nature, in a person, family, or institution; just doesn't get better. Over the years it tends to get worse, unless the cross and the blood of Jesus Christ are applied! As the drug addict needs more and more of a dose each time to reach that power edge of the experience, so also does the sinner need to reach deeper into sin to attain that same power edge of the sin nature.

Anyone formerly entrapped in sin, whether it be drugs, drunkenness, fornication, or false religion; will readily testify to the implacable power of that sin over their life! They speak of a downward spiral of evil, which can even spread into their children and grandchildren (Exodus 20:5)-from which they were powerless to escape without the grace of Jesus Christ.

The sin in the LDS Church, and in the lives in individual Mormons cannot actually ever get better; until the church corporately and Mormons individually repent of their idolatry (Romans 1:22-23) and come to the cross. It is like an unstoppable juggernaut that rolls down through the generations, crushing well-meaning but deceived people in its path!

We look back a century and a half and see Joseph Smith fornicating with underage girls and committing adultery by the case lot. Thus, we should not be surprised to find his spiritual descendants trapped in the same or even worse forms of sin. If Joseph practiced sorcery and animal sacrifice; why should we be shocked if some Mormons today practice sorcery and human sacrifice.

Only a person who has not come to terms with their own sin nature (Rom. 7:18) could be apologetic about the growing momentum of evil we are witnessing within the LDS Church. The poor Mormons are simply following in the footsteps of their "prophets."

In the words of Jeremiah, "For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water." (Jer. 2:13)

It is a path of destruction from which they must flee for their very lives. The scripture leaps out in the matter."For the leaders of this people cause them to err and they that are led of them are destroyed." (Isaiah 9:16)


The sins we are seeing coming to light are just the logical progression of the chain of events started by Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. Many LDS apologists and even some in ministries to the Mormons want to portray these alleged crimes as a bizarre aberration. They present it as the result of evil devil worshippers somehow sneaking in and infiltrating the noble LDS Church. The spiritual reality is that the Mormon people are hopelessly trapped in an increasingly tangled web of occultism and sin.

Looking the historic precedents set by Joseph the adulterer and sorcerer and Brigham the murderous "Blood Atoner," one can say that such crimes are as typically Mormon as the Tabernacle Choir. They are just the side of Mormonism which has been hidden from public view until the story broke through the veil this month. It's a side that, until now, very few people could see.

The only hope for Mormonism is Jesus Christ, God come in the flesh. We praise God that thousands of Mormons ARE being set free from their church and its downward tailspin of evil. We praise God that these things of darkness have been exposed to the light of truth. We need to pray that these new revelations will cause many more sincere LDS people to begin to question the root power of their faith and look to Christ instead of Joseph Smith!

Ed said it clearly and boldly in Salt Lake City in 1987. The God of Mormonism is Lucifer, the instructor of eternal truth for Adam and Eve in the LDS Temple ritual itself. The followers of Satan himself can pay homage to him in the temple! Dear, dear Mormon people, flee for your very lives from this evil thing!

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