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Freemasonry Around the World

Freemasonry Around the World
By Mick Oxley
In His Grip Ministries
Route # 1, Box 257-E
Crescent City, FL 32112

Mick Oxley is a retired Wing Commander for the Royal Air Force Commander and a transplant from the United Kingdom. Mick spent much of his service time in the Middle East, where he converted to the Islamic faith and searched deeply into Eastern Mysticism. Also heavily involved with Masonry, it would seem that Mick was lost to God forever. But, Praise God! His sure Word says that He will save us, even from the "Uttermost." Today, Mick and his wife, Betty serve the risen Savior, Jesus Christ. They live near Crescent City, Florida and are proud to be American Citizens. Mick is a very much sought after speaker for churches and conferences.


Ten years ago, you would have found very few Christian books written on Freemasonry. Today, it seems we have more books on Freemasonry than we have versions of the Bible.

I seem to spend quite a lot of time answering letters and telephone messages, however well intentioned, by people who want me to read their script, or book, they feel compelled to write on Freemasonry. Only a few months ago, I had a letter from a chap in Sweden, who wanted information so he could write a book on Masonry.

I wrote back straight away, advising him that it would be far better for him to translate Bill's book into Swedish, as I said Bill's book is one of the best in the world exposing Freemasonry.

Most of the scripts and new books I have seen are pretty good, but a rare few of them come out with the truth of Freemasonry and it's Luciferian Doctrine and worship. I have to say that I am not surprised. The ignorance of thing's Satanic, of spiritual Warfare in the Church, is devastating, because it is doing exactly that to the Church, devastating it. I point the finger at the pulpits and blame the Seminaries. But, with a Bible in your hand daily, getting into the Word of God, it is all there and there is no excuse.

You will never, ever, fully understand Freemasonry unless you fully understand the teachings of the Bible on the things of the spirit. I am not here to lecture you, but I pray that upon leaving here, you will have learned more of the power behind this Occult organization and equally important, the power Jesus Christ has given us to come against the powers of Darkness.

The Bible has to be our standard, and while we can quote Pike, Hall, Mackay until the cows come home, you can not fight against the spirit world, teach on it, or write about it, unless you apply the Bible teaching thus obtaining this vast knowledge of spiritual warfare, and this, dear friends is what the battle against Freemasonry is all about. As Paul says. "He who is spiritual appraises all things" (1 Corinthians 2:15)

In dealing with the complex subject of Freemasonry, I feel we should examine the background of the organization. I remember well, as a young boy, cycling in my home county of Yorkshire, in England. I used to make trips over to the other side of Leeds, still in Yorkshire, to a place called Temple Newsom, perhaps the name or place is unfamiliar to you, but this is "Bronte" country.

Temple Newsom was on a hill, hidden in the woods, just the place for us boys to play Robin Hood and the Knights of the Crusades. I remember as if it was yesterday, climbing in among the graves of the Knights, trying to decipher the names and seeing strange markings on each and every tombstone. The Knights, if you know English and Middle Ages history, came to England and Scotland, having been banished from the continent, Spain in particular, and settled in Britain in the 14th century.

It was not until 20 years later, at my initiation as an Entered Apprentice, in a Masonic Lodge, near Downpatrick, in Northern Ireland, that I was taken aback to see displayed on top of the open Bible, on the altar, the symbols I had seen on those grave stones in England. But, here they were displayed as instruments of Freemasonry. They were the legs of a man overlapping the woman in the sexual position of the Square and Compass! I can tell you, I was shattered!

It was not this revelation alone that jolted me, because I KNEW, within the first ten minutes into the first degree, that I had broken most of God's commandments! I made no pretense in those days of being a Christian. However with my Church of England background, I knew enough of the Bible to know that the blood oaths I was required to swear, in fact any oaths are against God's Holy Law. Just making an oath, not knowing what it is about, is against any national constitution, and we had the Magna Carta!

For any Mason, who calls himself a Christian, to lie about the Compatibility of Freemasonry and Jesus Christ, is paving the road to Hell, unless he repents. I KNEW as a non-Christian that what I was doing was evil. Those Masons who use the name of Christ to defend Freemasonry are committing blasphemy, in my opinion. I suppose it depends on what sort of a Christian you are!

From the background of the occult Knights Templars, came strong influence in the early formation of English Freemasonry. That was blended with the Illuminati of Adam Weishaupt from Germany, and laced with the occult theology of Hinduism, brought over from India in the 16th Century by the British Raj.

Freemasonry, or The Stone Masons were licensed at the Guildhall. This is in the City of London, as were other guilds. For example, the Tanners' Guild were workers in leather, the Weavers' guild were those who made cloth. All were 'guilded' or made into guilds, and still remain licensed to this present day. The Lord Mayor of London is responsible to the Queen from his palace at the Guildhall. His home is the Mansion House in the City of London. These City Guilds were the very first Unions that we know of today.

The guilds held their meetings in the taverns or "pubs" of London. The very first record of a Masonic Meeting was in a tavern in the City in 1717. In 1726 the Lodges of London and the provinces, combined to form the Grand Lodge of England. Freemasonry was thus formed ,officially. Other Grand Lodges were formed, my own constitution, where I became a Mason, was formed in Dublin in 1725, the following year in Scotland, then Europe.

The French were always a bit strange to the British. They still are, not many people like the Channel Tunnel. We remember all the wars we have fought and won against the French. Today, the French Grand Lodge of the Orient, is out of bounds to members of the English Constitution.

I attended The Grand Lodge of England in Great Queen Street, near Trafalgar Square, for many years. There are about 40 rooms-Lodges-that hold meetings every day of the week, except Sunday. There are as many banqueting rooms were you go to eat, drink and talk business, after Lodge, but you never speak about Jesus Christ.

I travelled down to London in my dinner jacket, always in Evening Dress. I carried my little oblong attaché case, which had in it my aprons, cuffs, and white cotton gloves, always worn in Lodge in Europe. My sashes, and my jewels, the latter for my giving to the Royal Masonic Hospital, Masonic Girls' and Masonic Boys' Schools.

English Freemasonry is expensive. Twenty-five dollars for dinner, after Lodge Meetings, and that was over 20 years ago! My dues to the Lodges I belonged to kept me continually "in the red" with my bank. And it stayed this way until I was set-free years later!

There are no rings, or tie pins in English Freemasonry, nothing to tell you are a Mason, except as I say when you went to Grand Lodge. No car covered with Masonic emblems as we have in the U.S.. Freemasonry is supposed to be secret, didn't you know?

The extraordinary popularity of Freemasonry and it's imitators here in America-whose love of Secret Societies exceeds that of any other country except China, can be attributed to the fact that Americans are extremely friendly, outgoing and will join anything! I think partly out of a subconscious desire to escape the matriarchal influence, so much stronger here than in my homeland , and partly perhaps to the absence of the glamour of pageantry of royalty and hereditary titles, and your less colorful and historic ceremonial in connection with government, nation and municipal occasions. The differences between what we call English Masonry and American Masonry also appears in the structure, the ritual and the ceremonies. Allow me to deal with the more important differences that I see or rather saw.

The three Craft degrees do form the basis of the whole Masonic System as practiced in what used to be the countries of the British Empire. Together with Royal Arch, they form the sum total of Freemasonry as OFFICIALLY recognized by the English Grand Lodge. It is a fact that the majority of English Masons go no further than these degrees.

I found as an English Mason, that there was a strong tendency to look down on the so called higher degrees' as a modern fancy innovation, which are no part of the pure and ancient Masonry: This of course is true, for the most part for the other lodges I attended, world wide. I visited many countries and lived in some, and in most lodges there was a demonstration of the three tracing boards, unknown perhaps in the American Freemasonry. These presentations were by one selected person who has to completely memorize about three quarters of an hour of strict ritual, applied to each of the three degrees.

The most popular degrees in the English Constitution seem to be Mark Mason, Knights Templar and Rose Croix which is the 18th degree of what is called the Ancient and Accepted Rite. You have to have a Master Mason's certificate from either the English, Scottish or Irish Constitution for advancement into any other system.

The degrees, all thirty of them, beginning with the fourth, that of Secret Master, and culminating in the Thirty-Third degree of Grand Inspector General, are controlled NOT by the United Grand Lodge of England, but by the Supreme Council at St. James, in Piccadilly, London.

So here you have a secret society within a secret society, a great difference compared with the structure here in America. It was on the 5th of December, 1952, that His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh was initiated into my sister Lodge, the Navy Lodge No. 2612. This was because of pressure from his future father-in-law, the then King George VI.

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, now the Duke's wife, is the Grand Patroness of Freemasonry, but is not allowed into a Masonic Lodge. Her cousin, the duke of Kent, became the Grand Master of English Freemasonry at its 250th celebration. We have just witnessed the 275th anniversary celebration in the U. K.. The Scottish Rite Journal had a special feature on this.

Prince Charles has had great pressure put upon him to become a Freemason. He has refused point blank saying, "I do not wish to join any secret society." The fact he is deeply into New Age does not seem to worry him or the Royal Family. If the Prince is initiated, to follow tradition, it is expected that he will join the Lodge I attended, Royal Air Force Lodge No. 7335 , in the Grand Lodge chambers in Great Queen Street. There is yet no indication Charles will change his attitude. The brother of the Duke of Kent is also a Mason.

It does not take much intelligence to see why the Royal Family, and Great Britain, is in such a mess. The curse of Freemasonry has been upon the Family, especially since the first days of Masonry in Britain with the then Prince of Wales, who became George the Third, and was the first Royal Grand Master of English Freemasonry.

The Duke of Kent is only a Master Mason. The ambitions then of the English Freemason is not rank, as it is here in the States, but having the good fortune to become an officer in his home Lodge where he was initiated and eventually to take the chair as Worshipful Master.

I never had the chance of "taking the chair" as it is called, simply due to my nomadic Royal Air Force life, since I was unable to attend any lodge long enough to go through the rungs of the ladder leading up to Worshipful Master. The average time in England to Worshipful Master is seven to ten years, and remember you have to physically go through each degree in English Masonry. There is no going up to Washington D.C. to purchase your degrees up to your 32 degree.

No wonder English Masons seemed to be old men! The English system is indeed complex. Let me deal with one major point here. The "Shriners" are purely American. Millions of Americans have demonstrated their retarded adolescence by being Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. Crippled children may well rise up and call the Shriners 'blessed', even after a large percentage of the money the Shriners take in, goes towards the upkeep of their Temples, bars, golf courses and those stupid toy cars. There are surely other ways that are more becoming to band men together in a spirit of benevolence. They could try Jesus Christ.

The blood oaths in the first three degrees and that of the Master Elect, have been taken out of the English Constitution. They were removed after a United Grand Lodge meeting held on 11 June 1986. I now understand that JAO BUL ON (the Masonic name for God in the Royal Arch) was taken out of the Grand Lodge in February 1989.

I cannot emphasize too strongly, that in there are key differences between U.S. and English Masonry. There are different workings, as I have alluded to, within the English Constitution. Aldersgate (City of London), Oxford, Bristol, Metropolitan, to list just a few. There is then, no absolute uniformity in Masonic workings. As long as the general structure is the same, and the landmarks of Masonry are preserved, verbal and ceremonial differences do not matter. Lets move from England, forgive me, but I felt you should have a fair knowledge of what used to be known as the "Mother of Freemasonry."

Years ago as a zealous Freemason, I was give the original degree rituals of "Mother Killwining Lodge," the No. 2 Lodge of Scotland. They were given to me by a dear Scotsman whose ancestors had written them down in about 1720. I destroyed this document, which I now recognize as priceless, along with all my Masonic Regalia and books when I came to Christ.

I do remember that in this document, which was a word-for-word degree ritual, that there was NO reference to Jesus Christ. I say this because this particular document was written at the very first meeting of Freemasonry.

I have said that places that were under the British Empire, by and large, work under the English constitution such as Malta, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore. A few of us in the Ministry to Masons have been conducting correspondence with Christopher Hoffner who has become the Worshipful Master of a Lodge in Hong Kong. Hoffner has written many books, including some on Freemasonry. His latest, "Workman Unashamed"-the testimony of a Christian Freemason, naturally received a great accolade in the Scottish Rite Journal. Hoffner has the single honor of being a full member of QUATOR CORONATI Lodge of London-the world premier Lodge of Masonic research. He also belongs to Lodges of research in Hong Kong, Ireland, Maine, California and New York.

A very impressive record: I have never in all my life met or know of any Mason under such great bondage as Christopher Hoffner, but as I have said it all depends on what sort of a Christian you are. Only the prayers of the Saints will break him down.

Australia has now gone over to an Americanized Masonry, due no doubt to the influx of American Soldiers in W.W.II and the R&R of American troops from Korea and Viet Nam. They are trying to become a Republic, to sever the ties with Britain. The Australians though, have now taken the blood oaths out of the Scottish and York Rites and in the three degrees and Master Elect, the same as in Britain.

This is a major step, yet it is not reported on in the Scottish Rite Journal. I wonder why! There is one Lodge left in Sydney, working under the Irish Constitution. New Zealand is still working in the English Constitution, that is as far as I can gather at this time. There is a great conflict building within Masonry, caused in a large part by the recent exposure of their innermost cultic secrets by zealots such as are here today.

Possibly one of the highlights of my Masonic career was becoming a member of the prodigious Lodge Singapore. It was one of the wealthiest Lodges in the Far East, and the world, perhaps, even after the Roman Catholic P2 Lodge in the Vatican. We had always 5 Volumes of the Sacred Law displayed, five books of the 5 different religions that were always present in Lodge Singapore.

When I was a member, I recall that the Worshipful Master was a Moslem friend of mine, the Police Chief of Singapore. The Senior Warden was a Hindu, the Junior Warden a Chinese Taoist, the Inner Guard was a Buddhist and lots of Past Masters were there who called themselves 'Christians.' The Quran for the Moslem to swear upon, the Veda for the Hindu's, the KeJi-Ki, the Records of ancient Matters for the Shinto Japanese, the Tao-Teh-King, the classics of Taoism for the Chinese, books for the Jains, Confucianism for the Buddhists, always available for the initiation ceremonies to be, used at our meetings. But NO Jesus Christ!

The ritual of the First, Second and Third Degrees have never instructed it's members that Jesus Christ is the ONLY mediator between God and men. It never tells them they can't truthfully call God their Father until they have a relationship with His Son; it does not tell them that it is impossible to build their spiritual house until they ask Jesus Christ to forgive them of their sins and He helps to build it, and they are never told that a man can never do enough good deeds or live a pure enough life to gain admission into the Celestial Lodge Above.

In those first charges from the Scottish Mother Killwining Lodge, the number 2 Lodge in the World, Jesus Christ was not recognized at the very start of Freemasonry and He is not recognized as the Son of God today.

In Germany, Freemasonry is mainly American. This was the first time I saw the "Top Hat" worn by the Worshipful Master.! It has never been worn in Britain!, but of course, it is common over here. Freemasonry in Italy became part of the Scottish Rite in the early days of Albert Pike and his friend from the occult, Giuseppe Mazzine. Most of Italy works in the Scottish Rite under The Grand Orient, which is NOT recognized by English Freemasonry.

To cover the continent of Africa would be a mammoth job here. Egyptian Masonry is steeped in the occult, more so than Grand Orient. Moslem nations have Freemasonry, but no branches for women. If you have any understanding of Islam, you know why. I was a member of a Scottish Lodge while living in Zambia, Central Africa. Again, nations that were under British rule tend to follow the constitutions of Great Britain. South Africa, in the main, works under the U.K. Constitutions. Nearer home, Canada had the first Lodge working under the Massachusetts Jurisdiction in 1749.

Incidentally, the oldest Masonic Lodge room in the U.S.A. dates from 1760 at Prentise House, Massachusetts.

Freemasonry crossed the Atlantic to the colonies of the old Empire very early on, but the British, as founders of Freemasonry, remained the leading propagandist for the movement throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries .

Albert Pike put a stop to this in the acceptance of Scottish Rite through "Morals & Dogmas." What American Masonry loves to call "The Mother of All Freemasonry!" There are possibly more Lodges in the World now working under the Scottish Jurisdiction than any other constitution or jurisdiction. I have tried to give you the basic background of international Freemasonry and how it has both developed through most of the countries of the world.

I leave you with this. Even after I had returned to the faith of my youth and had come out from among the darkness of Eastern Mysticism and left behind the Quran and its teachings of Mohammed and the Bhagavad of Hinduism I was still in a spiritual battle for my life.

My standard was now the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ. I knew that there was no other way to God, but there was no fullness to my walk. I read one day where Jesus said:

"You call me Jesus, your savior, your Lord - yet you practice things I have not taught you. Depart from me, I never knew you, you workers of evil." (Matthew 7: 21 - 23)

I had not found that yearned for one-on-one walk with Jesus even though I had asked for advice from almost everyone I knew. I had no answers. I finally got down on my knees and asked Jesus what was wrong.

One word came back to me, as though shouted from heaven, "Masonry!" I knew I was still in trouble with the real God. As if I needed confirmation, a letter came from our daughter in London. In it, she said, "You have to get out of Masonry, Daddy! You know it is evil and you'll never walk with God until you do." That was the day I burned all my Masonic regalia. Everything was burnt to ashes before me.

After all my wanderings and searching, I was finally able to separate myself from the spirits of darkness, to ask God's forgiveness and repent before Him of the evil in which I had been a participant. And He heard my cry, for I felt the weight of all that evil lift off me and for the first time in my life, I knew I was FREE. When you are set free in Jesus, you are set free, indeed. (John 8:36).

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