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Freemasonry and the New Age World Religion

Freemasonry and the New Age World Religion
By Dick Smith


As she watched the flickering candle, she felt herself becoming one with the flame. Suddenly, across the spring in the darkened cavern, she saw David surrounded by shimmering lights. Even more amazing were the vibrating auras she saw dancing around the vegetation on the shore of the underground grotto.

All at once she felt herself leaving her body! She floated through the top of the cave and swept up through the clouds and on beyond the earth itself to the moon. Trailing behind her she saw a thin silver cord. On past the moon she went, and on the other side, far out in the darkness of space, she saw a nebula. She wondered if her silver cord would reach that far; and with that limiting thought, she felt herself begin traveling back down to earth and on back into her body.

As I viewed Shirley MacLaine's graphic portrayal of her first occult out-of-body experience, I was truly sickened at heart. I knew millions of others were also watching that January night back in 1987 as ABC broadcast the second of a two-part mini-series based on the famous movie star's book Out on a Limb.

Uncounted thousands were being suckered into the New Age by this slick recruiting effort orchestrated by the PR firm of Lucifer and Associates. A few minutes earlier, they had seen her guru, David Manning, driving his truck down a dark mountain road near Machu Picchu in the Andes. As they careened down the narrow, winding road, David's eyes had been closed and his hands off the wheel!

He later explained to a shaken Shirley that Mayan, his out-of-this-world girl friend--a Visitor who had arrived on Flying Saucer Express from the distant star cluster of the Pleiades--had been driving the truck through remote control using the "God Energy."

Who can forget the earlier, pathetic scene which shows Shirley and David standing on the shore of the Pacific shouting at the waves "I am God!" David finally confesses to Shirley that several months previously Mayan had commissioned him to recruit Shirley as a spokesperson for the "truths" she was learning about the New Age and the occult. As a world-famous movie star, Shirley's influence would be of immense value to The Plan of the "Masters of Wisdom."

What this plan is really designed to accomplish was certainly not revealed that night. Nor was it revealed in Shirley's book. But the demons behind it have revealed parts of their plan to others in the New Age. A plan to establish a New World Government and a New Age World Religion. It will be, as we'll see, the Kingdom of the Anti-Christ and Freemasonry will be at it's core.


On page 861 of Morals and Dogma of The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, "prepared for the Supreme Council of the Thirty-third Degree, for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States, and Published by its Authority " in 1871, Albert Pike, Masonry's most distinguished authority, concludes his lengthy and authoritative work with these words:

"The Royal Secret, of which you are a Prince, if you are a true adept... is that which the Sohar [a book of the Kabalah] terms The Mystery of the Balance. It is the Secret of the Universal Equilibrium....Such, my Brother, is the True Word of a Master Mason; such the true Royal Secret, which makes possible, and shall at length make real, the Holy Empire of true Masonic Brotherhood." [Albert Pike, p.861, Morals and Dogma; L.H. Jenkins, Inc., Richmond, Va., 1924].

This statement discloses the ultimate goal of Masonry: to establish what Pike calls a "Holy Empire." This "empire" is to be a one-world government; it will be "holy" because it will be ruled by the Princes of the New Age World religion. This New World Order, Pike says, will be the "true Masonic Brotherhood."


Manley P. Hall, 33°, was called "Masonry's Greatest Philosopher," according to his obituary carried in the 33rd Degree Council 's publication, The Scottish Rite Journal, in November 1990. "Illustrious Manley Palmer Hall," as they called him, "received the Scottish Rite's highest honor, the Grand Cross, in 1985 because of his exceptional contributions to Freemasonry..." they wrote.

In Hall's book Lectures on Ancient Philosophy, published in 1929, Hall indicates that he, like Pike, sees the "philosophic Elect" of Freemasonry as the future rulers of a new world Empire. He states that Masonry has yet a "great work" to do: that of ringing in the New Age, a "more glorious day," which is at hand. He says a "new day is dawning for Freemasonry." Men are now turning away from "the insufficiency of theology and the hopelessness of materialism" and "in this new era wherein the old order is breaking down," men are finally turning to seek "the God of philosophy."

This will ring in the rule of "the philosophic elect," and result in the reorganization of society, undoubtedly along Masonic lines. He adds:

"By thus doing his part in the reorganization of society, the workman may earn his 'wages' as all good Masons should. A new light is breaking in the East, a more glorious day is at hand. The rule of the philosophic elect-- the dream of the ages-- will yet be realized and is not far distant. To her loyal sons, Freemasonry sends this clarion call: 'Arise ye, the day of labor is at hand; the Great Work awaits completion...' [They are] the Master Craftsmen of the universe!" [Manley P. Hall, p. 417, Lectures on Ancient Philosophy; The Hall Publishing Co., Los Angeles, 1929].


While I've never been a Mason, until 1976 I was involved in the same occult philosophy, or Secret Doctrine, which lies at the root of both Freemasonry and the New Age Movement. I had long been aware of the occult nature of Masonry. But back in 1987, while doing extensive research into the works of New Agers and other occultists for an article on the New Age Movement, I was struck by their frequent statements about Masonry.

As we look at how Freemasonry is to help restore the occult Mystery Religions and Initiation ceremonies of ancient times, keep in mind that nearly all those in Masonry and the New Age Movement are involved for what they think are good motives. Unfortunately, they are being deceived by one "who appears, as it were, as an angel of light."

But is there really a connection between Freemasonry and the New Age Movement, as we claim? If so, what is this connection? What are the characteristics of the coming New Age World Religion? Is Masonry really based on occult, mystic rites of ancient, pagan Mystery Religions? What role is Freemasonry to play in the unveiling of the New Age World System? To answer these questions, we'll look to the authorities of both Masonry and the New Age Movement.


Alice A. Bailey is well known to anyone who has even only a slight knowledge of the New Age Movement. She has been called "The New Age Queen." Indeed, she is the key figure this century in disclosing details of The Plan to institute on earth the rule of the so-called "Masters of Wisdom."

Details of this plan were unveiled to Helena Petrovena Blavatsky who wrote Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine in the latter part of the last century. H.P.B., as she's called for short- -for obvious reasons--also founded the Theosophical Society. These books were supposedly "transmitted" to her by mental telepathy from one of the "Masters of Wisdom" of the Great White Brotherhood, Djwhal Khul, or "DK". This is the same demon--masquerading as a "Master"-- who gave Alice A. Bailey her revelations in this century. (We'll learn more about H.P.B and DK shortly.)

As the recipient of DK's telepathic transmissions in the first half of this century, Alice Bailey wrote many books on a variety of occult topics relating to the unfolding of The Plan.

A key part of this plan calls for establishing a New World Religion which is to be based on the Mystery Religions of Ancient Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome and other pagan nations of the past. Alice A. Bailey explains for us their origin and significance:

"These ancient mysteries were originally given to humanity by the Hierarchy, and were--in their turn--received by the Hierarchy from the Great White Lodge on Sirius. They contain the clue to the evolutionary process, hidden in number and words ...they veil the secret of man's origin and destiny." [Alice A. Bailey, p. 330, The Rays and the Initiations; Lucis Publishing Co., New York, 1955; excerpted in a compilation of selections from her works, Ponder on This, p. 15; Lucis, etc., 1980].

We'll look at the New Age concepts of "the Hierarchy" and, yes, you read it right--a Masonic Lodge on the star Sirius-- shortly. But first, let's get a better understanding of something that will play a major role in the coming New Age World Religion and, therefore, in the following pages--the "Mysteries," or "Mystery religions." Mystery Religions are defined by The New Columbia Encyclopedia like this:

"In Greek and Roman religion, some important secret cults. ...Although the mystic rites were kept secret, it was known that they required elaborate initiations, including... accepting occult knowledge, and acting out a sacred drama... Since the mystery deities were associated primarily with fertility, many scholars believe that these cults were based on unrecorded primitive fertility rites." [The New Columbia Encyclopedia, Columbia University Press, New York and London, 4th ed., 1975].

Of course, Satan's true goal regarding what Bailey has hinted at as man's "destiny" is to enslave him in his one world religion and his visible, or "externalized," kingdom on the earth, which will restore to mankind these Mysteries, including their "sacred drama."


To some, talking about Satan as if he actually existed is a sign of mental retardation. But New Agers who write about visitors from space and Masonic Lodges on Sirius are not psychos, but are among the world's elite. People such as H.G. Wells, Buckminister Fuller, Norman Cousins, Dr. Carlos Romulo, Theodore M. Hesburgh, John Denver, Robert Heilbroner, Alvin Toffler, Mohandas Gandhi, U. Thant, Robert Mueller, and Shirley MacLaine are not (or, were not) exactly street people. Their strange beliefs put them in agreement with hundreds of millions of others in the Eastern religions of the world.

These New Agers believe that Man is about to experience a new step in evolution. As a new, "higher" life form, He will need a new religious system in which to express this next stage on His way to Godhood. To accomplish this, Eastern and Western religions are converging, they believe, and a new one world religion (a synthesis of the two systems) is just over the horizon. This new religion will be based on the mysticism of the great Eastern religions.

But New Agers aren't the only ones promoting this concept! So are top Freemasons! Henry Clausen, former Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council, 33°, Mother Council of World Freemasonry, is one who also has proclaimed this idea. In Emergence of the Mystical, written while he was the highest Mason in the land, he talks about the coming New Age and its relationship with the mysticism of Eastern religions. He states:

"Today we are at the threshold of a new era. All signs point to this fact... We look toward a transformation into a New Age using, however, the insight and wisdom of the ancient mystic. This new world view is emerging because there has been a recent correlation between modern physics and the mysticism of Eastern religions." [Henry C. Clausen, Emergence of the Mystical; The Supreme Council 33rd Degree, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction, U.S.A. ; Copyright 1981 by The Supreme Council , Mother Council of the World].

Before continuing, let's make sure we understand exactly what this term "mysticism" means. According to The New Columbia Encyclopedia, Mysticism is "The practice of... magic, occultism, or the esoteric...included in the mystic tradition were the Hermetic philosophers and the Alchemists." A Mystic is "one who practices mysticism, i.e., magic, occultism, witchcraft."

Now go back and re-read Clausen's statement, perhaps now with a little more enlightenment. Keep these definitions in mind. You'll encounter them constantly in New Age and Masonic writings. It is not surprising to find high initiates-- the princes and adepts-- of Freemasonry promoting New Age ideas. Indeed, New Age authorities refer frequently to Freemasonry and its role down through the centuries in preserving the occult Mystery Religions of ancient days and so do the leaders of Freemasonry.


The revival of this "ol' time religion" is, of course, being touted as a "religion for a New Age." But it has an old familiar ring-- or should we say "smell"-- to it. The smell of sulfur!

This "new" religion is in fact as old as the Garden of Eden, where Satan brought about the fall of man. It flowered at Babylon, bloomed in Egypt with the sun god Osiris and the moon goddess Isis, and is alive today in the Hindu religion, other Eastern religions, and Western religions such as Unity, Christian Science, Unitarianism, New Thought, Spiritualism, and Mormonism. At also lives on in the Lodges, Dogma and Rites of Freemasonry.

I'm sure very few new Masons have realized that they were being initiated into an organization which--in spite of its recent public relations pronouncements to the contrary--considers itself the present day embodiment of these Mystery Religions. But that this is the case is attested to by numerous New Agers and Masonic scholars, including Alice A. Bailey's husband, Foster, a 33rd Degree Mason:

"Masonry is the descendent of, or is founded upon, a divinely imparted religion which long antedates the prime date of creation as given in our Bible. [It] is all that remains to us of the first world religion which flourished in an antiquity so old that it is impossible to affix a date. It was the first unified world religion... To this, such symbols as the pyramids, both in Egypt and South America, bear witness... the ancient Mysteries were temporary custodians of the ancient truth and closely allied to the Masonic work of today...The relation of the Mysteries to Masonry has oft been recognized, and the golden thread of living continuity can be traced through them to modern Masonry. The Mysteries... are all parts of that ancient thread which has its origin in that primeval religion which terminates today in Masonry." [Foster Bailey, 33° , pp. 30-32 , The Spirit of Masonry; Lucis Press Ltd; Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England; 1957].

"Masonry is regarded as the direct descendant, or as a survival of the mysteries... of Isis and Osiris in Egypt..." [Robert Freke Gould, Past Senior Grand Deacon of England, Vol. 1, p. 13, History of Freemasonry; New York, 1884].

"The signs, symbols and inscriptions date from...the Sumerian civilizations...Chaldea [Babylon], Assyria, Greece, Rome and even in Mexico and Yucatan...some rites of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of our Mother Jurisdiction have been in existence from time immemorial. For we teach the same grand truths, the same sublime philosophies... as those adepts of the ancient mysteries taught in their esoteric rites." [Henry C. Clausen, 33°, Sovereign Grand Commander, The Supreme Council 33°, A&ARFM, Mother Jurisdiction of the World, pp. 5-7, Messages for a Mission, 1971].

Note that Clausen, when he was the highest Mason in the land, stated unequivocally that "we teach the same grand truths, the same sublime philosophies...as those adepts of the ancient mysteries taught in their esoteric rites."

The New Age Movement and Masonry are, in my opinion, the major vehicles Lucifer is using to bring about his externalized kingdom on earth, which will be a revival of the Mystery Religions of Babylon and other ancient nations.

These occult doctrines of Mystery Babylon can be traced back to the period after the flood when Babylon's first king, Nimrod, and his queen, Semiramis, established the Mystery Religion that spread into Persia, Egypt, Greece, and other nations which set up secret brotherhoods of initiated magicians and Priests.

They worshiped the sun and the moon as the universal principles of generation. The sun was the Male, or Active principle, and the moon the Female, or Passive principle. These were symbolized by the sexual organs of the male and female--and their sexual union. This pagan phallic worship was central to the universal religion practiced by virtually all mankind in ancient days.

As part of the initiation rites for their temple worship, all these nations celebrated a common mystery drama, perhaps with different names and stories, but with a similar plot.


This drama told about the death of an individual (who represented the sun) at the hands of three ruffians (the three winter months); the cutting into parts of the body and the dispersion of these body parts; the search by the wife (representing the moon) who found all the parts except the phallus; her substituting a wooden phallus for the lost one; and his (the sun's) resurrection at the vernal equinox.

This story--the Isis legend--was part of the general religion practiced by mankind in ancient days; a pagan, nature religion--the worship of the sun, moon and starry hosts. According to the highest Masonic authorities, this is the same story preserved down to this day in the symbols and rites of Freemasonry!

The plot of the Masonic version is part of the initiation ceremony for the Third, or Master Mason, Degree. It involves the supposed death of Hiram Abiff--who is said to have built Solomon's Temple--at the hands of three ruffians; a search for his body; the loss of a "secret word;" and the substitution of a new word for the "lost" one. This new word is an amalgamation of the names of three sun gods, and thus relates to the active (or male) principle, i.e., the phallus. At the climax of the Drama, Hiram is resurrected to new life.

The New Age Movement seeks to restore to all mankind this mystery play along with the process of Initiation. Initiation into a New Age. A Luciferic Initiation which will, they say, take place in Masonic temples as part of the New Age World Religion, which will restore the ancient Mysteries.

Today, according to Freemasonry's most distinguished authorities, the occult secrets of these Mystery Religions are embedded in the symbols and rites of Freemasonry. If this is true, it follows that Freemasonry, itself, must be a religion. If Freemasonry is a religion, what kind of religion is it?


Chief among Freemasonry's distinguished authorities is Albert Pike. Before looking at what Pike said about this, we should point out that, despite what Masonic leaders claim today-- that Pike is just one of many Masonic writers of the past and deserves no special attention--the truth is that Pike was and is Scottish Rite Masonry's highest authority. The word authority is based on the word autho and Pike is the one who authored the Scottish Rite as practiced today.

Joseph Fort Newton, one of this centuries' most noted Masonic authorities, in his book, The Builders, captions a full page picture of Pike with these words:

"Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council, 33° , Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction, U.S.A. from 1859 to his death in 1891. He recast the old Scottish Rite rituals and brought them to their present state of beauty and perfection." [Joseph Fort Newton, The Builders; Macoy Publishing and Supply Co., Inc., Richmond, Va., 1944].

Note that he states Pike brought the rituals "to their present state of...perfection." In addition, Pike was an honorary member of virtually every Grand Lodge on earth. He is the only Masonic authority to be given the honor of being entombed in the House of the Temple in Washington, D.C. Manly P. Hall, in his book, Lectures on Ancient Philosophy, quotes another high ranking Mason who eulogized Pike:

"To Pike the following remarkable tribute was paid by Sterling Kerr, Jr., 330, Deputy for the Inspector-General for the District of Columbia, upon crowning with laurel the bust of Pike in the House of the Temple: 'Pike was an oracle greater than that of Delphi. He was Truth's minister and priest. His victories were those of peace. Long may his memory live in the hearts of the Brethren.'"

Then Hall adds some high praise of his own, stating that Pike was single-handedly responsible for making Freemasonry the most powerful organization in America:

"Affectionately termed 'Albertus Magnus' by his admirers, Pike wrote of Hermeticsm and alchemy and hinted at the Mysteries of the Temple. Through his zeal and unflagging energy, American Freemasonry was raised from comparative obscurity to become the most powerful organization in the land." [Hall, p. 414].

So much for the claim that Albert Pike's works are not really authoritative! I'll state it again: Pike is the authority on the Scottish Rite: he's the one who wrote it! He also wrote the book containing the philosophy which underlies the Scottish Rite, Morals and Dogma.

What did Albert Pike say about Masonry as a religion? This is an important question. Since we are saying that Freemasonry is to be at the core of the New Age World religion, it's obvious that Freemasonry, itself, must be clearly seen to be a religion.


But the claim is being made repeatedly today by the 33rd Degree Council that Freemasonry is not a religion. But could we expect to get the truth about these matters from any Mason? For every Mason has sworn upon penalty of his own death not to reveal secrets of the order to anyone who is "not entitled to them." To do so would bring upon this Mason a death sentence according to his own sworn oaths.

Indeed, most Masons will loudly deny their Brotherhood is a religion. This is especially true of Masons who profess to be Christians. To settle this question, let's look at what Masonry's highest authorities state about this issue.

In Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Grand Commander and Prince Adept Albert Pike clearly identifies Freemasonry as an occult religion, the universal religion of all mankind since the beginning of time. He says, "Every Masonic Lodge is a temple of religion; and its teachings are instructions in religion." [Pike, p. 213].

Before looking at what else Pike had to say about Masonry as a religion, let's establish the authority of another of these men, Albert G. Mackey. Frequently when we quote figures such as Pike and Mackey, some Masons respond with something like: "Well, that's just their opinion. Anyway, I never heard of these guys before."

After a recent appearance on a 90 minute radio call-in show in Orlando, for example, I had about 40 calls after the show, many from Masons. One of them wanted to know where I got all the information I was quoting. I told him from Albert G. Mackey and Albert Pike, and asked him if he'd ever heard of them. He said he thought he'd heard of Mackey, but didn't recognize Pike's name. After I mentioned that Pike had written Morals and Dogma, he suddenly remembered that he had the book, but "it's put away somewhere. It'd take a year to read that thing!" Another Mason called and stated, "I'm probably the only man alive who has read Pike through twice."

But these two Masonic writers, over the past 100 years, have been the major authorities recognized worldwide by Freemasonry. However, today many rank and file Masons say they've never heard of Albert Pike or Albert G. Mackey.

The typical Mason, if he reads any Masonic materials at all, gets much of his information about Masonry from a section in his Masonic Bible containing questions and answers on Masonry. This typical Mason never bothers looking further into what the organization believes in the more esoteric areas.

In fact, the introduction to this section, called Questions and Answers, One Hundred and Sixty Questions and Answers ...Pertaining to the Symbolism of Masonry and its Connection with the Bible, states: "The following questions and answers are intended to convey to the average Mason the information every Mason desires without taking the time to do the research." [The Holy Bible, A. J. Holman Co., Philadelphia; 1962].

The interesting point here is that, according to the credit line, which is part of the title of this section, the source for this information is a name most Masons claim they've never heard of. It reads: "...compiled from the works of Albert G. Mackey..." So these "average" Masons who say they've never heard of Mackey, but who accept this section of the Masonic Bible as authoritative, do not realize that this authority is based primarily on the authority of Mackey!


Indeed, Dr. Albert G. Mackey literally "wrote the book" on Freemasonry; he is the author of the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, published in 1879. Mackey was Past General High Priest and Secretary General of the Supreme Council 33° for the Southern Jurisdiction of the U.S., which takes in 35 of the fifty states. He spent more than ten years writing this encyclopedia. It has been considered one of the top two authoritative works on Masonry. (The other is Albert Pike's Morals and Dogma.)

In this encyclopedia, Mackey clearly identifies Freemasonry as a religion, and he categorically states it's not Christianity:

"Freemasonry is a religious institution, and hence its regulations inculcate the use of prayer as a proper tribute of gratitude to the beneficent Author of life." [Albert Mackey, p. 594; Encyclopedia of Freemasonry; The Masonic History Co., 1924].

"The religion of Masonry is non-sectarian. It admits men of every creed within its hospitable bosom. It is not Judaism, though there is nothing to offend the Jew. It is not Christianity, but there is nothing in it repugnant to the faith of a Christian." [Mackey, p. 641].

"Freemasonry is not Christianity, nor a substitute for it. It does not meddle with sectarian creeds or doctrines, but teaches fundamental religious truth." [Mackey, p. 162].

Is Masonry a religion? Mackey says "yes." Is it Christian? Mackey says "no." Therefore, if Masonry is a religion, and it is not the religion of Christianity, Masonry is not a Christian religion! Every Christian Mason, who claims it is Christianity, is either completely deceived or is a Christian in name only and needs to get saved.

Indeed, according to Billy Graham and two former Presidents of the Southern Baptist Convention, up to 90 percent of our church members are not born again! Charles G. Finney, known as "the greatest preacher, theologian and evangelist of the nineteenth century," who was a Mason for a short time, stated:

"Surely, if a Mason really understood what Masonry is, as delineated in these books, no Christian Mason would think himself at liberty to remain another day in the fraternity... It is as plain as possible that a man, knowing what it is, and embracing it in his heart, can not be a Christian man. To say he can is to belie the very nature of Christianity." (Emphasis in original.) [Charles G. Finney, p. 60, The Antichrist or the Masonic Society; Crown Publications; Burlington, Ontario, Canada; 1984].


Let's pause for a moment to get a better understanding of the fact that there have been, and are, only two basic religions. These two are first, Paganism, which incorporates the Mystery Religions, Eastern religions, Freemasonry, the New Age Movement, etc., and second, Judaism which is the "mother" of both Christianity and Islam.

In his Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, Albert Mackey gives us a better understanding of this concept. He writes, under the heading Paganism, "A general appellation for the religious worship of the whole human race, except for that portion which has embraced Christianity, Judaism, or Mohammedanism. Its interest to the Masonic student arises from the fact that its principal development was the ancient mythology, in whose traditions are to be found many interesting analogies with the Masonic system."

The understanding that all religions other than Christianity, Judaism, and Islam have their common source in Lucifer's pagan, occult Mystery Religions, should help us place Freemasonry in its proper category. That category is definitely not in the Judeo-Christian camp!

These pagan religions and the New Age Movement share the same Luciferic source as well as the same goal: establishment of a New Age World Religion. Freemasonry, according to it's most distinguished authority, was "mother" to all these pagan religions!

"Much of the Masonic secret manifests itself... particularly to those who advance to the highest Degrees of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. That Rite raises a corner of the veil, even in the Degree of Apprentice; for it there declares that Masonry is a worship.

It is the universal, eternal, immutable religion such as God planted in the heart of universal humanity. No creed has ever been long-lived that was not built on this foundation. ...The ministers of this religion are all Masons who comprehend it and are devoted to it." [Pike, pp. 218-19]

As you read Pike's comments, keep in mind that they were prepared for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States and "published by its authority." In other words, this is the official doctrine of Freemasonry, not what some local lodge officials might claim. Or what the current 33rd Degree Council might try to lie about.


Both of Masonry's highest authorities during the past 100 years clearly state that Masonry is a religion, complete with a religious creed-- a "worship." But just what kind of religion is Masonry?

Like Mackey, Pike says the religion of Masonry is not Christianity, but is a universal religion which makes a Mason the "brother" of every other Mason on earth, bound together with these "brothers" from other religions under an "imperative obligation of a contract":

"Masonry propagates no creed except its own most simple and Sublime one; that universal religion, taught by Nature and by Reason. Its lodges are neither Jewish, Moslem, nor Christian temples. It reiterates the precepts and morality of all religions."

"The Moral Code of Masonry is still more extensive than that developed by philosophy. To the requisitions of the law of Nature and the law of God, it adds the imperative obligation of a contract. Upon entering the Order, the Initiate binds to himself every other Mason in the world. Once enrolled among the children of Light, every Mason on earth becomes his brother." [Pike, pp. 718-19; 726]

Then, how can a Christian belong to such an organization? After all, God's Word clearly commands us not to be "yoked together with unbelievers." But a Christian Mason "binds himself to every other Mason in the world...every Mason on earth becomes his brother."

As Finney said, any Christian who truly understands what Masonry really is could not stay another day in such a pagan cult! But most Masons--perhaps 99% of them--have no conception of the true nature of their fraternity. They have never bothered to study the works of Masonry's highest authorities such as Albert Pike, Albert Mackey and Manley P. Hall. These reveal that the organization is made up of an outer fraternity whose members are deliberately misled about Masonry's symbols and dogmas, and by an occult inner brotherhood of adepts versed in magic, witchcraft and the Mystery Religions of the ancient world.

Most Masons are not only unaware of the true nature of their fraternity, they have no idea they are being deliberately deceived by the craft. As admitted by Pike:

"The Blue Degrees are but the outer court or portico of the Temple. Part of the symbols are displayed there to the Initiate, but he is intentionally misled by false interpretations. It is not intended that he shall understand them. Their true explication is reserved for the Adepts, the Princes of Masonry... It is well enough for the mass of those called Masons, to imagine that all is contained in the Blue degrees; and whoso attempts to undeceive them will labor in vain... There must always be common-place interpretations for the mass of Initiates, of the symbols that are eloquent to the Adepts." (Pike, pp. 818-19.)

But Pike is not the only Masonic authority to disclose this slight-of-hand. "Illustrious" Manley P. Hall, who was eulogized by the Scottish Rite Journal as the fraternity's greatest philosopher, stated in his book, Lectures on Ancient Philosophy:

"Freemasonry is a fraternity within a fraternity--an outer organization concealing an inner brotherhood of the elect... two separate yet interdependent orders, the one visible and the other invisible... The invisible society is a secret and most august fraternity whose members are dedicated to the service of a mysterious arcanum arcanorum... that truly secret inner society which is to the body Freemasonic what the heart is to the human body." [Hall, p. 397].


What is this "mysterious arcanum arcanorum" which "illustrious Manley Palmer Hall" has described as being the subject of the invisible societies' dedicated service? What is the true "work" of the secret, inner organization? Pike, who wrote the Scottish Rite, and "Illustrious" Manley Hall, it's "greatest Philosopher," say that Masonry's true work is magic and witchcraft! According to Pike,

"The Hermetic Science...embodied in certain symbols of the higher Degrees of Freemasonry, may be accurately defined as the Kabalah in active realization, or the Magic of the Works." [Pike, p. 840].

Hall, after lamenting the fact that not all Masons are happy with this occult heritage, states that he can't see how anyone, after reading Pike's great work, can deny that Freemasonry is "identical" to the Mystery Religions:

"Even the casual observer must realize that the true wealth of Freemasonry lies in its mysticism...It is quite incredible, moreover, that any initiated brother, when presented with a copy of Morals and Dogma upon conferment of his fourteenth degree, can read that volume and yet maintain that his order is not identical to the Mystery Schools of the first ages." [Hall, p. 413].

As a former occultist, I recognize much of Pike's writings as coming from the same occult revelation given to Helena Petrovna Blavatsky in Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine. "Illustrious" Manley P. Hall also recognizes Pike's works as being similar to those of other occultists:

"Much of the writings of Albert Pike are extracted from the books of the French magician, Eliphas Levi, one of the greatest transcendentalists of modern times. Levi was an occultist, a metaphysician, a Platonic philosopher, who by the rituals of magic invoked even the spirit of Apollonius of Tyana, and yet Pike has inserted in his Morals and Dogma whole pages, and even chapters, practically verbatim." [Hall, pp. 413-14].

Let me again point out that we're talking about a work, Morals and Dogma, that was prepared for and published by the greatest Masonic jurisdiction in America. In addition to Pike and Hall, Alice Bailey's husband, Foster, a 33rd degree Mason, also writes about the New Age-Masonic connection as it relates to magic in his book The Spirit of Masonry:

"It is the creative nature of the Masonic work... to work, say and think the same thing simultaneously... [T]he concentrated attention and thought power of the assembled Masons... is in reality a group meditation, leading to group work... Masonry in its true and highest sense is magical work... The effectiveness of this possible work will be paralleled by the increasing sensitivity of the race to telepathic impression." [F. Bailey, pp. 96-98].

"Behind the magical work of the rituals must be the influence of the established rhythm... The materializing upon earth of the mystical vision... must be brought about by the wise working of this law of rhythm and of ritual." [F. Bailey, p. 99]. But wait--it gets even worse.


As we've seen, Pike has said Masonry at it's core is based on the magic of the Kabalah. But Pike says that it was necessary for this knowledge to be concealed from "the profane." He states that this "occult philosophy seems to have been the nurse or godmother of all religions, the secret lever of all the intellectual forces:"

"This is what magic had been, from Zoroaster to Manes, from Orpheus to Apollonius Thayaneus; when positive Christianity, triumphing over the splendid dreams and gigantic aspirations of the school of Alexandria, publicly crushed this philosophy with its anathemas, and compelled it to become more occult and more mysterious than ever.

At the bottom of magic, nevertheless, was science. Christianity should not have hated magic; but human ignorance always fears the unknown. But since Christianity did abhor magic, the magicians resorted to inventing Masonic degrees to hide the secrets of their witchcraft:

"Resorting to Masonry, the alchemists there invented Degrees, and partly unveiled their doctrine to the Initiates...by oral instruction afterward; for their rituals, to one who has not the key, are but incomprehensible and absurd jargon." [Pike, pp. 730-31].

Next Pike lets the Magic-hating Christians have it broadside, calling them "dunces" who sought to exterminate magic:

"The dunces who led primitive Christianity astray...who for so many ages waged war against Magism, a war of extermination, have succeeded in shrouding in darkness the ancient discoveries of the human mind; so that we now grope in the dark to find again the key of the phenomena of nature." [Pike, p. 732]

This is so blatant a description of Lucifer's battle with God, who declared "suffer not a witch to live," that it clearly draws the dividing line for us. On one side we have the Satanic Mystery religions embedded now in the highest rites and symbols of Masonry, and on the other side, "the dunces" of Christianity.

Can any Christian member of the Masonic Order maintain that this is a Christian organization after reading this blasphemy of God?


Among other things, Pike has just described Masonry as searching for "the key of the phenomena of nature." This is a classic definition of witchcraft. But you need not take my word for it, because Pike continues on the following pages to clearly say so:

"There is in nature one most potent force, by means whereof a single man, who could possess himself of it, and should know how to direct it, could revolutionize and change the face of the world. This force was known to the ancients. It is a universal agent... if science can but learn to control it, it will be possible to change the order of the seasons, to produce in night the phenomena of day, to send a thought in an instant around the world, to heal or slay at a distance, to give our words universal success, and make them reverberate everywhere.

This agent, partially revealed by the blind guesses of the disciple of Mesmer, is precisely what the Adepts of the middle ages called the elementary matter of the great work... it was adored in the secret rites of the Sabbat or the Temple, under the hieroglyphic figure of Baphomet or the hermaphroditic goat of Mendes." [Pike, p. 734].

If you still have doubts, look up the meaning and origin of Baphomet and the goat of Mendes. They are forms of Satan, himself, and a Sabbat is "an assembly or celebration of witches or other occultists, usually held on astrologically significant days and hours." [Kent Philpott, A Manual of Demonology and the Occult, p. 160; Zonderavan; Grand Rapids, Mich.].

You also need to understand that the terms witch, magician, sorcerer, and wizard all mean the same thing. "A magician engages in magic, or witchcraft; the terms are synonymous." [ibid., p. 163].

Still not convinced? Read some more of what Pike has to say about "the great work," the universal term for witchcraft:

"Whoever shall learn to comprehend and execute this great work, will know great things, say the sages of the work; but whenever you depart from the centre of the Square and the Compass you will no longer be able to work with success.

Another Jewel is necessary for you, and in certain undertakings cannot be dispensed with. It is what is termed the Kabalistic pantacle... This carries with it the power of commanding the spirits of the elements." [Pike, pp. 786-87].

But many Masons will tell you that all this talk about commanding spirits and the like is just symbolic. However, Pike cautions against reading Masonic works too quickly, or believing what you may have been told that what you read is only symbolic; for, he says, that's when you are most deceived:

"If you would understand the true secrets of Alchemy, you must study the works of the Masters with patience and assiduity. Every word is often an enigma; and to him who reads in haste, the whole may seem absurd. Even when they seem to teach that the great work is purification of the soul, and so to deal only with morals, they most conceal their meaning and deceive all but the initiates." [Pike, p. 792].

Masons also contend that Masonry is just an organization which "makes good men better," that it's all aimed at symbolically building a temple for the inward dwelling of God. But, if this is your belief, read again the previous statement by Pike, and discern finally that you are a victim of deliberate deceit. Today, the 33rd Degree Council has even denied that Masonry is related in any way with the occult Mysteries. Such a denial is preposterous on its face!


Here's how Pike characterized Masonry's occult heritage on page 639 of Morals And Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry: "The Occult Science of the Ancient Magi was concealed under the shadows of the Ancient Mysteries... and it is found enveloped in the enigmas that seem impenetrable, in the Rites of the Highest Masonry."

If the "Occult Science of the Ancient Magi[cians]" was incorporated into the "Ancient Mysteries," and if this "Occult Science" is now "found enveloped in...the Rites of the Highest Masonry," then this statement by the author of the current version of those rites should be adequate to document the claim that Masonry is the repository of the occult heritage of the Mysteries that are to be reinstated for the New Age World Religion. This New Age World Religion, we are told, is to be inaugurated by the return to earth of "The Christ."


Benjamin Creme is a major New Age leader, the "John-the-Baptist" for the New Age Christ, the Lord Maitraya, who Creme says is already in the world simply waiting for the right time to manifest his presence.

In The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom, Creme reveals that Masonry will play an important part in the return of "the Christ," (whom Christians would call "the Anti-Christ") especially in the initiation ritual for the New Age religion. He states:

"Through the Masonic tradition and certain esoteric groups, will come the process of initiation. In this coming age millions of people will take the first and second initiation through these transformed and purified institutions." [Benjamin Creme, The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom, p. 84; The Tara Press; London, 1980].

In a section of his book containing transcripts of his many lectures--including question and answer sessions--after speaking about the coming reformation of the churches and Buddhism, he's asked if he believes this reformation "will affect the various secret organizations, like the Masons, the Rosicrucians, and so on?" He answers:

"Very much so... the coming religion, in fact this coming age, will be dominated by... Magic, or Ritual, or Organization... Aquarius has been called 'the implementing force of synthesis or universality,' and will bring about synthesis, universality, in the world..." [Creme, p. 86].

Note the theme of conjunction, that is, "synthesis or universality." You'll recall that Pike has said this is Masonry's "Royal Secret." You'll encounter this concept of "mixture" repeatedly in the writings of New Age and Masonic authorities.

Creme next tells us how the newly synthesized religions will be manifested:

"The new religions will manifest, for instance, through organizations like Freemasonry. In Freemasonry is embedded the core of the secret heart of the occult mysteries-- wrapped up in number, metaphor and symbol. When these are purified... these will be seen to be a true occult heritage. Through the Orders of Masonry, the Initiatory Path will be trodden and Initiation will be taken..." [Creme, p. 87].

So not only will the Mystery Religion be restored, but so will the process of Initiation. Creme says, reiterating the theme of our earlier authorities, this new religion will be universal--a conjunction of the East and West:

"A new world religion will be inaugurated which will be a fusion and synthesis of the approach of the East and the approach of the West. The Christ will bring together... Christianity and Buddhism...in a new scientific religion based on the Mysteries; on Initiation; on Invocation...The very heart and core of the new world religion will be the esoteric process of Initiation... gradually, Christianity and Buddhism and other religions will wither away...as the new religion gains its adherents and exponents, and is gradually built by humanity." [Creme, pp. 88-89].

So pervasive is the application of the universal principle of dialectics (conjunction, balance, opposites) that Creme even says the "other religions will wither away"--just as in Marxist theory, the State is supposed to "wither away" and be replaced by true "Communism."


Another of the New Age Movement's major figures, David Spangler, in Reflections of the Christ, reveals the true identity of this "Christ," or Lord Maitreya. He says: "Christ is the same force as Lucifer...Lucifer works within each of us to bring us to wholeness as we move into the New Age." Then he tells us what kind of initiation will be administered through the Orders of Masonry:

"The light that reveals to us the path to Christ comes from Lucifer... the great initiator...Lucifer comes to give us the final Luciferic initiation...that many people in the days ahead will be facing, for it is an invitation into the New Age." [David Spangler, pp. 40-44, Reflections of the Christ; Findhorn; Scotland, 1977].

So, according to top New Age leaders, the new universal religion will manifest through organizations like Masonry, and initiation into the New Age will take place in Masonic Temples.


But other New Age authorities have also stated that Masonry is a universal religion and is a repository of the Occult Secret Doctrine of the Mysteries. In fact, one of the world's most occult books is loaded with references to Masonry.

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, in her introduction to volume one of The Secret Doctrine, summarizes for us the nature of the secret doctrine and reveals its tie-in with Masonry:

"The Secret Doctrine was the universally diffused religion of the ancient and prehistoric world. Proofs of its diffusion... together with the teaching of all its great adepts, exist to this day in the secret crypts of libraries belonging to the Occult Fraternity." [Helena P. Blavatsky, p. xxxiv, The Secret Doctrine; Theosophical University Press, 1888].

"There are several documents in the St. Petersburg Imperial Libraries to show that, even so late as during the days when Freemasonry, and Secret Societies of Mystics flourished unimpeded in Russia more than one Russian Mystic traveled to Tibet via the Ural mountains in search of knowledge and initiation.... Let any one look over the Annals and History of Freemasonry in the archives of the Russian metropolis, and he will assure himself of the fact stated." [H.P.B., pp. xxxv-vi].

We could spend much time exploring H.P.B.'s anti-Christian dogma which makes Jehovah the villain (Christians are the "Black Lodge") and Lucifer the hero (the "White Lodge.") But we get the same doctrine in Pike's work!


In his discussion of The Royal Arch degree in Morals and Dogma, for example, Pike reveals the true nature of Masonry's god-- and it's not Jehovah. Please read the following slowly and carefully:

"We know that for many centuries, the Hebrews have been forbidden to pronounce the Sacred Name... In India it was forbidden to pronounce the word Aum or Om, the Sacred Name of the One Deity, manifested as Brahma, Vishnu, and Seeva. ...It was, therefore, possible for that of the name of Deity to have been forgotten or lost. It is certain that its true pronunciation is not that represented by the word Jehovah; and therefore that is not the true name of Deity, nor the Ineffable Word." [Pike, pp. 204-05].

Pike says that the communication of the "true nature of God" in the ancient mysteries is what we now call Masonry:

"Among all the ancient nations there was one faith and one idea of Deity for the enlightened, intelligent, and educated, and another for the common people. To this rule the Hebrews were no exception. Yehovah, to the mass of the people, was like the gods of the nations around them... The Deity of the early Hebrews talked to Adam and Eve in the garden... he wrestled with Jacob; he showed Moses his person, though not his face...he commanded the performance of the most shocking and hideous acts of cruelty and barbarity. He hardened the heart of Pharaoh... Such were the popular notions of the Deity; and either the priests had none better, or took little trouble to correct these notions; or the popular intellect was not enlarged enough to enable them to entertain any higher conceptions of the Almighty.

But such were not the ideas of the intellectual and enlightened few among the Hebrews. It is certain that they possessed a knowledge of the true nature and attributes of God, as the same class of men did among the other nations-- Zoroaster, Menu, Confucius, Socrates, and Plato. But their doctrines on this subject were esoteric; they did not communicate them to the people at large, but only to a favored few; and as they were communicated in Egypt and India, in Persia and Phoenicia, in Greece and Samonthrace, in the greater mysteries, to the Initiates.

The communication of this knowledge and other secrets, some of which are perhaps lost, constituted, under other names, what we now call Masonry." [Pike, pp. 206-7].

Do we need any clearer statement than this of the true nature of Masonry as a universal religion whose God is not the God of the Christian and of its own characterization of itself as communicating the "true" attributes and name of God which, it emphasizes, is not Jehovah? The god of Masonry, according to it's greatest authority, is not Jehovah! In fact, Pike states rather clearly who the "Initiates" consider their god to be:

"The Devil is the personification of Atheism or Idolatry. For the Initiates, this is not a Person, but a Force, created for good, but which may serve for evil. It is the instrument of Liberty or Free Will. They represent this Force, which presides over the physical generation, under the mythologic and horned form of the God Pan; thence came the he-goat of the Sabbat, brother of that Ancient Serpent, and the Light-bearer..." [Pike, p. 102].

The same basic statement is found in Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine, which statement she ascribes to Eliphas Levi, a major occultist and magician whose works, according to Manley P. Hall, Pike copied copiously:

"The Kabalists say that the true name of Satan is that of Jehovah placed upside down, for Satan is not a black god but the negation of the white deity... 'For the Initiates,' says Eliphas Levi, 'the Devil is not a person but a creative Force, for Good as for Evil.' They (the Initiates) represented this Force, which presides at physical generation, under the mysterious form of God Pan-- or Nature: whence the horns and hoofs of that mythical and symbolic figure, as the Christian 'goat' of the Witches Sabbath." [H.P.B., p. 510].

The horned God Pan, or the Goat of Mendes, the he-goat of the "Witches Sabbath"-- all names for the same Satanic entity--is represented in the Pentagram, the five-pointed star of witchcraft. This star is used upside down with the point at the bottom for the goat's face and beard, and the two points at the top for the horns. The Pentagram is the insignia not only for witches and Satanists worldwide, but also for Mason's and their sister organization, Eastern Star! This goat is also called Baphomet and is the god of the 12th century Knights Templar, ancestors of the present Masonic organization.

Clearly, the true god of the religion of the Masonic Order is not Jehovah, but Lucifer. Masonry is one of the major vehicles through which he is manifesting his ages-old attempt to take the place of God in the Universe. In fact, according to Alice A. Bailey, Lucifer actually officiated at the founding of Freemasonry! In Initiation, Human and Solar, Bailey writes:

"All physical plane organization--governmental, religious, or cultural--is the working out of the inner forces and causes, and, before they appear in physical manifestation, a focalization...of these influences and energies takes place on etheric [spirit] levels. The organization of the Freemasons is a case in point...the Lord of the World was the officiating agent, as is ever the case in the founding of great and important movements." [Alice A. Bailey, pp. 131-132, Initiation, Human and Solar; Lucis Publishing Co., New York, 1970].

Again, let's us ask: how is it possible for rank and file Masons--many who are professed Christians--to take part in such a Luciferic religion? How could Christian pastors belong to such an organization?

As Pike and Hall have admitted, Masonry is in reality two organizations, an outer fraternity of dupes deliberately misled about Masonry's symbols and dogmas, and an occult inner brotherhood of adepts versed in magic, witchcraft and the Mystery Religions of the ancient world. Religions whose central tenets are being revived as the religion of the New Age.

This is the abominable universal world religious system that the Lord Jesus Christ is returning to earth to destroy! (See Revelation, especially chapters 17-19).


What did it mean to belong to these Mystery Religions of ancient pagan nations that Clausen, Pike, Hall, Mackey and numerous other Masonic authorities say are the precursors for modern day Masonry? Let's see if we can get a feel for what went on in those pagan Initiation Rites. Please change gears for a moment, and let your imagination run free; imagine the following scene, circa 1350 B.C.:

Flickering light glances off the cavernous walls and vaulted ceiling of the immense cave. Erie-- and yet somehow sensuous-- the torch light casts a mesmerizing spell on those assembled for the initiation. Their attention is riveted on the candidate standing on the lip of a chasm spanned by a swinging rope bridge. But he stands several yards from the bridge, not at its entrance.

His face is in shadow, but the rigid posture of his body portrays his intense concentration. His chest heaves as he breathes in and out rhythmically. Suddenly he straightens, and with fists clenched, raises his arms across his chest. Taking one final deep breath, he steps off the edge into the darkness. Those assembled are silent, watching intently as the candidate levitates across the chasm and steps off on the other side.

Perhaps you may think this is more of an exercise in science fiction rather than a glimpse of what it meant to be an initiate of the Mystery Religions of ancient days. But listen to "illustrious" Manley P. Hall as he describes for us the neophyte of these ages. He says that the Initiate of the ancient Mysteries was a man of great learning and character, for whom initiation into the Mysteries meant great physical trials and required great feats of occult capabilities:

"Not one Freemason out of a thousand could have survived the initiations of the pagan rites, for the tests were given in those strenuous days when men were men and death the reward for failure. The neophyte of the Druid Mysteries was set adrift in a small boat to battle with the stormy sea, and unless his knowledge of natural law enabled him to quell the storm as did Jesus upon the Sea of Galilee, he returned no more. In the Egyptian rites of Serapis, it was required of the neophyte that he cross an unbridged chasm in the temple floor. In other words, if unable by magic to sustain himself in the air without visible support, he fell headlong into a volcanic crevice, there to die of heat and suffocation. In one part of the Mithraic rites, the candidate seeking admission to the inner sanctuary was required to pass through a closed door by dematerialization..." [Hall, pp. 414-15].

Hall then quotes Pike from the "Legenda for the Twenty-eighth Degree" as stating that "the science of the Hierophants of the mysteries produced effects that to the Initiated seemed Mysterious and supernatural." [Hall, p. 415].

I suppose we could all agree with Pike that levitating across chasms, quelling storms, and passing through walls could qualify as "Mysterious and supernatural." "One Freemason out of a thousand" is probably close to the percentage of those in today's fraternity who are Initiates of the secret Inner Brotherhood who really understand the true meaning and purpose of Masonry and who practice such magic and witchcraft.

As we've seen, such magic and witchcraft have their origin in the pagan, occult Mysteries of ancient days. We've also briefly touched on the belief of New Agers that all of this was given to us by the "Masters of Wisdom," or the "Hierarchy." Let's get a better understanding of this so-called Hierarchy and it's role in bringing about the New Age World Religion.


According to the New Age belief system, the Masters of Wisdom have ruled the affairs of the earth for millennia. They are referred to as "The Hierarchy," which is composed of advanced beings, some of whom live in an etheric (or, spiritual) city over the Gobi desert called Shamballa. The Hierarchy contains a range of beings all the way up to the "Lord of the World," himself.

Of course, what is being described is what the Bible clearly speaks of as the spiritual forces we are battling in the heavenly sphere, the principalities and powers of Satan's kingdom: "For your conflict is not only with flesh and blood, but also with the angels, and with powers, with the rulers of this world of darkness, and with the evil spirits under the heavens." [Eph. 6:12].

Our Lord Jesus Christ calls Satan the "Prince of the Power of the Air," and "the god of this world." In 1 John 5: 19 we read that "the whole world around us is under the power of the evil one." [The Amplified Bible]. In her book, Initiation, Human and Solar, Alice Bailey says basically the same thing:

"This Hierarchy of Brothers of Light still exists, and the work goes steadily on. They are all in physical existence, either in dense physical bodies, such as many of the Masters employ, or in etheric bodies, such as the more exalted helpers and the Lord of the World occupy... They exist upon this planet with us, controlling its destinies, guiding its affairs, and leading all its evolutions on to an ultimate perfection..." [A. Bailey, IHS, p. 32].

The apostle Paul pointed out that there are unseen spiritual beings organized in a hierarchy: "And through him were created all things that are in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible; whether imperial thrones or lordships or angelic orders or dominions..." [Col. 1:16,].

In 2 Corinthians 12:7, he refers to a Satanic angel whose assignment was to attack him repeatedly (whose attacks are summarized in the previous chapter): "...there was delivered to me a thorn in my flesh, the angel of Satan, to buffet me..."

So we see that the Bible clearly states there are unseen spiritual beings in the heavenly realm, and they are organized in a hierarchy. Alice Bailey also tells us something about the headquarters for the "Lord of the World" in Shambala, big city in the sky:

"The central home of this Hierarchy is at Shambala, a centre in the Gobi desert, called in the ancient books the 'White Island.' It exists in etheric matter...Several of the Masters in physical bodies dwell in the Himalayan mountains...but the greater number are scattered all over the world, dwelling in different places in the various nations, unrecognized and unknown, yet forming each in His own place a focal point for the energy of the Lord of the World..." [A. Bailey, IHS, p. 33].

New Agers also believe that other planets are inhabited and that the star Sirius is home to The Great White Lodge from which all in this sector of the universe is controlled. We saw earlier that, according to Bailey, this was the source for the Mysteries. These mysteries, Bailey says, provide the secret powers for the magic and witchcraft practiced by the Hierarchy:

"The Mysteries are, in reality, the true source of revelation...They concern those capacities which enable the Members of the Hierarchy to work consciously with the energies of the planet and of the solar system, and to control forces within the planet...The Mysteries, when restored, will make real... the nature of religion, the purpose of science, and the goal of education. These are not what you think today."[ibid.]

Bailey says these mysteries contain more than just what is found in Masonry, and they will be restored more fully when the Hierarchy (that is, the Kingdom of the Anti-Christ) comes to earth visibly:

"The Mysteries will be restored in other ways also, for they contain much besides that which the Masonic rites can reveal, or that religious rituals and ceremonies can disclose... and only when the Hierarchy is present visibly on earth, and the Mysteries of which the Masters are the custodians are given openly to man, will the true secret and nature of electrical phenomena be revealed." [Alice A. Bailey, p. 511, Discipleship in the New Age, Vol II; Lucis Publishing Co., New York, 1955; Ponder, pp. 15-16].

Further, says Bailey, the churches and Masonry have failed to do a good job in preparing the way for the restoration of the mysteries. She says, "The ground is being prepared at this time for this great restoration. The churches and Masonry are today before the judgment seat of humanity's critical mind [because] both of them failed in their divinely assigned tasks." [A. Bailey, p. 511, Discipleship-II, ; Ponder, pp. 15-16].

So we see that the mysteries will be restored through the agency of liberal churches, such as Unity, Christian Science, Mind Science, Mormonism, and others as well as through Masonry.


We've already quoted from a remarkable book, The Spirit of Masonry, written by the husband of Alice A. Bailey, Foster Bailey. In this book, we read of the true spiritual heritage of which Masonry is the custodian. The typical Mason reading this book--indeed, virtually anyone, Mason or not-- would pass quickly over passages of great interest to one familiar with occult works such as The Secret Doctrine or Alice Bailey's many books, especially Initiation, Human and Solar.

It is of great significance that, in his introduction to Part One, on page nine, Foster Bailey states: "The words used in the text of this book are the words of another." In my opinion, this is a direct reference to this book's origin from the same source as most of his wife Alice's books-- as well as those of Helena Petrovena Blavatsky-- that source being the Tibetan, Djwhal Khul, one of the Masters of Wisdom, who authored all these works through telepathic transmission. In other words, their source is, in reality, a demonic spirit who is a talented actor.

The interesting thing we find from reading Foster's book, which was written by a Mason for other Masons, is that the somewhat veiled references he makes to various aspects of Masonry are clearly stated, or "unveiled," in the books of his wife, Alice and those of H.P. Blavatsky. By comparing the contents of Foster's book with these others, we can clearly see the key role that Masonry has played in Satan's Kingdom-- in all areas of the universe.

For example, on page 16, in discussing the Third Degree, when he refers to the journey of the Master Mason ending in resurrection from the grave where "he enters into that great Fellowship of Master Masons who are but the expression upon earth of the divine fellowship existing in the Lodge of the Most High," we need look no further than Foster's wife, Alice for the true explanation.

In her book, Initiation, Human and Solar, Alice tells us about that Lodge of the Most High and she's not speaking of Heaven! She's speaking of the Masonic Lodge on Sirius. Her comments give us a glimpse of another aspect of the close relationship between the New Age Movement and Freemasonry:

"One great fact to be borne in mind is, that the initiations of the planet or of the solar system are but preparatory initiations of admission into the greater lodge on Sirius. We have the symbolism held for us fairly well in Masonry, and in combining the Masonic method with what we are told of the steps on the Path of Holiness we get an approximate picture. [After the first four solar initiations, we get to the fifth initiation, which is] the first cosmic initiation. The fifth initiation corresponds to the first cosmic initiation, that of 'entered apprentice' in Masonry; and makes a Master an 'entered apprentice' of the Lodge on Sirius. The sixth initiation is analogous to the second degree in Masonry, whilst the seventh initiation makes the Adept a Master Mason of the Brotherhood on Sirius." [A. Bailey, IHS, pp. 17-18].

So we see that Masonry is more than world-wide. When they say it's a universal religion, that's just what they mean! We see clearly that Masonry's Heaven, or "Great Lodge above," is not the dwelling place of God the Father and His Son, The Lord Jesus Christ. It's the local (cosmically speaking) headquarters for the Cosmic Brotherhood of the Great White Lodge of Freemasonry.

Alice tells us on page 98 of this book, that the Lodge on Sirius gets it's energy from a Lodge in the Pleiades, a distant formation of seven stars. (Mayan, the girl friend of David-- Shirley MacClaine's guru--was supposedly from the Pleiades.) Bailey enumerates for us some of the cosmic influences which, she says, affect the consciousness of men, especially during the process of initiation:

"First and foremost is the energy or force emanating from the sun Sirius. If it might be so expressed, the energy of thought, or mind force, in its totality, reaches the solar system from a distant cosmic centre via Sirius. Sirius acts as the transmitter, or the focalizing centre, whence emanate those influences which produce self-consciousness in man....

Another type of energy reaches man from the Pleiades, passing through the Venusian scheme to us, just as the Sirian energy passes through the Saturnian.... These facts involve the secrets of the mysteries..." [A. Bailey, IHS, pp. 98-99].

She says if we but knew all the mysteries wrapped up in these facts, we'd understand the secrets of the universe: "In the mystery of this influence, and in the secret of the sun Sirius, are hidden the facts of our cosmic evolution, and incidentally, therefore, of the solar system." [A. Bailey, IHS, p. 188].

I might add, that in all this nonsense is revealed the fact of Freemasonry's close association and entanglement with these demons masquerading as "the Hierarchy" and foisting all this hocus-pocus on the millions of those in the New Age Movement and the Eastern religions who sincerely believe this malarkey! But read on! It gets more incredible the further we delve into the writings of the New Age Queen and her husband, Foster!


On page 21 of The Spirit of Masonry, Foster Bailey tells us about the "Master Masons of the Universe," who have watched over mankind's progress on the long road of evolution and, he reveals, that's the story depicted in the first three degrees of Masonry:

"Such, symbolically, is the progress and mode of achievement for every human soul; such has been the path trodden by all the Saviors of the race. From darkness to light all must go... He must learn that the experience... is the only thing that can fit him to join the ranks of the Master Masons of the Universe, and carry on the eternal quest in company with all brothers.

This is the revelation which the passage of the candidate through all the degrees conveys... Subtle and illusive indications are given also of that organized and intelligent activity which is carried on by that Grand Lodge of Master Masons who have for ages watched over humanity and guided men steadily in the way of light... the whole fabric of Masonry may be regarded as the externalization of that inner spiritual group whose members, down the ages, have been custodians of the Plan." [F. Bailey, pp. 21-22].

Next, he writes that these Master Masons are called by many names, such as "Christ and His church... They can be known by others as the Masters of the Wisdom... the Dispensers of Light." Then he adds:

"They are therefore sometimes known as the Illuminatti...They are the Rishis of the oriental philosophy, the builders of the occult tradition...Stage by stage They assist at the unfolding of the consciousness of the candidate until the time comes when he can 'enter into light' and, in his turn become a light-bearer, one of the Illuminatti who can assist the Lodge on High in bringing humanity to light." [F. Bailey, pp. 22-23].

As any Mason knows, "entering into light" is the term used in the fulfillment of his "search for light" in the degrees of Masonry. Bailey has just stated that this can make him one of the Illuminatti! One of those "illumined" ones who can help the Masonic Grand Lodge on Sirius "bring humanity into light." (That is, bring them under demonic control.)

Foster Bailey says that participating in this great work, as part of a greater initiation-- the Luciferic Initiation that Creme says will take place in Masonic Lodges-- will take one on to his own godhood:

"The rites, ceremonies and initiations of Masonry may be regarded (and are so regarded by many) as being faint representations and symbolic rehearsals of those major spiritual initiations through which every human being must pass before achieving his goal of manifested divinity and can enter finally within the veil." [F. Bailey, p. 23].

So we see that, like any good New Age occultist, a Mason's goal is to become a god, himself.


Another revelation concerns the "evolution" of the races as given by Foster starting on page 31 and as explained more fully by H.P.B. and Alice in their works. Foster presents what he calls a basic hypothesis in discussing the question: "Is Masonry of vast antiquity and do we inherit it from a dim and distant past?"

That the hypothesis is far more than that for the New Agers is evident when later he says that if you can't accept this hypothesis, you just need to be more open to your intuition, a veiled reference to paying attention to the demons trying to influence you. Foster Bailey says the hypothesis, based on a study of the rituals and symbols and the allegory of initiation, is as follows:

"Masonry is the descendent of, or is founded upon, a divinely imparted religion which long antedates the prime date of creation as given in our Bible. [It] is all that remains to us of the first world religion which flourished in an antiquity so old that it is impossible to affix a date. It was the first unified world religion. Then came the era of separation of many religions, of sectarianism. Today we are working again towards a universal world religion. Again then, Masonry will come into its own, in some form or another." [F. Bailey, pp. 30-31].

Bailey says that this ancient religion is attested to by "such symbols as the pyramids, both in Egypt and South America... what is left to us of the ancient mysteries." [ibid., p. 32].

He says these mysteries "were temporary custodians of the ancient truth and [are] closely allied to the Masonic work of today... and the golden thread of the living continuity can be traced through them to modern Masonry." [ibid.].

Bailey then says that we can go even further back than that in our search for the source of the Masonic inheritance:

"Masonry may therefore be as old as humanity itself, and religion as old as Masonry... the period when there emerged on earth that infant humanity of which our modern race of men are the fruitage. That period may also have been the founding of...our Masonic ritual and work...

Scientists hint at two races which preceded ours and give them names-- The Lemurian civilization and the Atlantean civilization. Ancient Lemuria saw the first human being walk on the earth. He was little more than an animal..." [ibid., p. 35].

Then Foster makes a statement about this pre-human creature that should set every Mason bolt upright in his chair:

"He was a soul in a deep and dark prison with the light that is hidden in each human form lost and veiled... He was a poor blind candidate for light, knocking blindly upon the door of the Temple. Blind and ignorant he wanders up and down, seeking light and unable to answer the questions put to him." [ibid., pp.35-36].

So we see that Bailey says this pre-human creature was "a poor blind candidate for light, knocking blindly upon the door of the Temple." That is a verbatim description of the initiate during the ceremony of the first degree of Masonry! But for those of you who are not Masons, you need not take my word for it, because in the next sentence, Foster himself says that's what it represents:

"This is beautifully taught in the E.A. [Entered Apprentice] initiation where all he can do, until the gift of light is conferred upon him is to express his willingness to seek. Every other question, when put to him, is answered by his escort." [ibid., pp. 35-36].

We can now better understand what Albert Mackey meant by his description of the symbology of the First Degree. Writing in his Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, he states: "The Entered Apprentice Degree symbolizes the creation of man and his first perception of light." [Mackey, p. 14].

Let's continue with the thread of the true meaning of the Blue Lodge initiations as Foster now proceeds to show that not only the First Degree has as its purpose to recount that time in prehistory when animal-man became man, but that the second and third degrees also tell part of this story:

"Later the Atlantean civilization succeeds and the race of men reach a point where they can begin to 'subdue their passions' and cultivate those arts and sciences which will raise them up into a higher scale of living...This is the lesson of the F.C. [Fellow Craft, or Second] initiation.

Today in our Aryan race, humanity... is now ready for a further revelation. He can be permitted to take the sublime degree of M.M. [Master Mason] and receive the Master's Word for which he so long has sought... All this racial history is indicated in the work of the three degrees of the Blue Lodge...and the rhythm of the threefold work of the Past, the Present and Future lies revealed." [F. Bailey, p. 36].

If you are a Mason, I suggest you re-read the previous pages and consider how those you trusted in Masonry have lied to you from the start about the real meaning of what your initiation signified. If you were also a Christian at this time, whose Lord is the Light of the World, and "in Whom there is no darkness," can you really accept the description of your state as an Entered Apprentice as one who was in darkness, a poor, blind soul searching for light?

So there you have it. Masonry, say the New Agers, is the original religion of not only the world, but also of that part of the universe ruled by Lucifer, and it's a worship carried out in the Grand Lodge on Sirius as well as in Masonic Lodges everywhere else.


Earlier, we read of Masonry's true "work" as being witchcraft and magic. Foster Bailey also discusses this aspect of Masonry in his book The spirit of Masonry. He says that "even the most advanced esotericists in the fraternity" are even yet only dimly aware of the true "creative" nature of the Masonic work. He likens this creative work to that which God did when he spoke into existence the worlds through "the Word as a creating factor." He says:

"The Hindu expresses it thus: 'God thought. God visualized. God spoke. The worlds came into being.' Behind the constitution of a Lodge lies this basic truth, and the work of a Lodge, through its rituals and ceremonies, is intended to be a training school for creative work." [F. Bailey, pp. 95-96].

This creative work is accomplished when "a Lodge of Masons" becomes unified and is enabled "to work together as one functioning coherent body." The Masons learn by "participating in such a ritual, to work, say and think the same thing simultaneously." [F. Bailey, p. 96].

We've already quoted parts of this earlier, in another context. But here let us point out that anyone the least bit familiar with magic and witchcraft will recognize this as a description of a witches' coven carrying out their "work" which is called "creative work."

Bailey emphasizes the need for "a formulated uniformity of thought" so that every move, every action "may have behind it, and underlying it, the concentrated attention and thought power of the assembled Masons." The power of this united thought "would be hypnotic in its potency... Masonry in its true and highest sense is magical work." [F. Bailey, p. 97].

On the next page, he amplifies this "magical work." He says a Lodge of Masons will then "work" as a group for Humanity as a whole:

"They will create a focal point for spiritual light, and will organize themselves into a body of conscious custodians of the mysteries, acting as a distributing agency for knowledge... The effectiveness of this possible work will be paralleled by the increasing sensitivity of the race to telepathic impression...They will consciously co-operate with the Lodge on High...They will act as a dedicated lens through which the light can shine in the darkness...and the mysteries of initiation will no longer be only symbolic, but will constitute a definite form of activity, carried forward upon earth." [F. Bailey, p. 98].

Bailey states that this cooperation with the lodge on High "will blend the minds of many into one directed purpose" and will help empower the candidates for initiation to meet the tests of that initiation. Then he states:

"Behind the magical work of the rituals must be the influence of the established rhythm...The materializing upon earth of the mystical vision...must be brought about by the wise working of this law of rhythm and of ritual." [F. Bailey, p. 99].

Alice A. Bailey's many New Age books also give us a key to understanding more about this group work, which is directed by the demons in the heavenlies pretending to be "Masters of Wisdom" on Shambala. In The Rays and the Initiations, she states:

"The group can be, and frequently is, responsive to the 'bright centre', Shambala... Here is the clue to the significance of group work. One of its major functions, esoterically speaking, is to absorb, share, circulate, and then distribute energy." [A. Bailey, Rays, p.68; quoted in Serving Humanity, a compilation of selections from the works of Alice A. Bailey, p. 473; Lucis Publishing Co., New York; 1977].

She also discusses the "need for telepathic sensitivity in every group composed of disciples... The cultivation of an inter-relation of a telepathic nature upon the mental plane is essential." [A. Bailey, Discipleship-2, p. 63; SH, p. 467].

The demon spirit calling himself the Tibetan, Djwhal Khul, speaking through her, emphasizes the importance of this witchcraft, or group work, in "thought formulation and thought-form creation." He says:

"Then a clear thought-form can be constructed with definiteness and it can be positively directed...working on mental levels with your group brothers so that your thought-form is a part of their thought-form and you can, therefore, unitedly produce a living, embodied form which can be directed as I may determine." [A. Bailey, p. 65, Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I, Lucis Pub. Co., New York; 1944; SH- p. 469].

The capability for this group work is not yet here, at least back when these words were written, but it will become available to the Hierarchy, we are promised, when the brothers have been better prepared for it's rigors of concentrated, purposeful thought and visualization. In the meantime, we are told,

"The spiritual thought, resulting in magical work of one brother of pure intent, is of far greater potency than that of many brothers who follow the tendencies of the personality." [A. Bailey, A Treatise on White Magic, p. 260, Lucis Pub. Co., New York, 1967; SH- p.460].

And what are the requirements for a brother to be able to take part in this witchcraft? Bailey says,

"The white magician is he who utilizes all power and knowledge in the service of the race... the technique of the Great Work... The white magician works with the forces of nature and swings them back into control of advanced humanity." [A. Bailey, p. 359, Esoteric Psychology I, Lucis Pub. Co., New York, 1967; SH- p 501].

The goal of this group work is to hasten the materializing on earth of the Hierarchy, heralded by the return of "The Christ."


This New Age Christ is not Jesus Christ of the Christians. The Master Jesus is, New Agers say, simply a lower level initiate. But the purpose of the New Age is to bring in a one world religion and government headed by "The Christ, the Lord Maitraya," who is the Fifth Buddha and this will bring into physical incarnation the Hierarchy, itself, as Alice Bailey explains in The Rays and the Initiations:

"The externalization of the Hierarchy, therefore, and the restoration of the Mysteries,...are an expression of the inherent spiritual impulse...The Hierarchy has its own life, and its own goals and objectives [which] will become more familiar to thinking men as the Hierarchy approaches closer to the physical plane." [A. Bailey, Rays, pp. 333-35; Ponder, pp. 170-71].

In The Externalization of the Hierarchy, Bailey tells us in terms so clear even a novice Christian can understand that what we're reading about in these New Age books are the battle plans of Satan's kingdom:

"The senior Members of the Hierarchy will not at first be the ones who will make the needed approach. Under Their direction and Their close supervision, this approach will be made-- in the early stages-- by initiates...and also by those disciples who will...work under their direction. It is only in the later stages, and when the time has come for the return into recognized physical expression of the Christ, leading to the definite restoration of the Mysteries that certain of the senior members of the Hierarchy will appear and take outer and recognizable physical control of world affairs." [A. Bailey, EH, p. 570].

This is such a clear statement of the Anti-Christ setting up his one world government and universal one world religion, based on the Mystery Religion of ancient Babylon, even someone with only a sketchy notion of Revelation should be able to discern that the New Age Movement is Satan's plan to bring about the reign of the Anti-Christ over the earth. In this same book, Bailey states that this takeover will have among its goals:

"1. Creating and vitalizing the new world religion. 2. The gradual reorganizing of the social order... 3. The public inauguration of the system of initiation. This will involve the growth and comprehension of symbolism. 4. The esoteric training of disciples and of humanity in this new cycle." [A. Bailey, EH, p. 700].

In Esoteric Psychology II, she sheds more light on this event:

"Another important objective of the Plan... is the emergence into physical plane activity, of the group of souls of Whom the New Group of world Servers are the outer representatives. This appearance can be called (in Christian phraseology) the second coming of Christ with His Disciples, or it can be called the manifestation of the planetary Hierarchy, or the appearance of the Masters of the Wisdom, Who will restore upon earth the ancient mysteries and institute again the order of Initiation." [A. Bailey, EP-2, p. 649; Ponder, p. 315].


Alice Bailey finally gives away the big secret:

"[T]he Christ and the Masters are occupied with the task of preparing for the restoration of the Mysteries. This restoration will fall into three phases and will cover and include in its symbolism all phases of human unfoldment. The story of mankind will be pictorialised. These three phases correspond broadly and in a general sense to the three degrees of the Blue Lodge in Masonry. The analogy is not entirely accurate, owing to the unavoidable degeneracy of Masonry, but with the restoration of the Mysteries, Masonry will come into its own... [The ritual of the Master Mason Degree] will be objectively staged and the general public will recognize it as the major rite and ritual of the new religious institution of the period. This is the stage where the forces of resurrection are active, when the Lord is with His people and the Christ has returned to earth." (Alice A. Bailey, EH, pp. 574-5).

There you have it. I don't know how it could be any clearer. We've looked in detail at the Mystery Religions of ancient days. We've heard from the top Masonic authorities and the top New Age authorities who have agreed that Freemasonry is the repository of the Mysteries and that a New Age World Religion is being forged based on these Mysteries.

Now we've heard the direct statement from Alice Bailey/Djwahl Khul that the Blue Lodge degrees will form the heart of this new religion, and that the mystery play of the Third Degree will be staged as its "major rite and ritual."

So we see that Freemasonry is more than just the heart or core of the Antichrist's New Age World Religion--Freemasonry is the New Age World Religion!

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