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Bible Prophecy Fulfilled

Bible Prophecy Fulfilled
By Chris Schang

Bible prophecy fulfilled is an interesting topic if one would like examine the accuracy of the Holy Bible. The fulfillment of Bible prophecy is the sure fire way to tell that the Holy scriptures are true and that they can be trusted when it comes matters of faith and eternal life. We know that with many first coming prophecies we fulfilled exactly as predicted by the ancient prophets. One example of Bible prophecy fulfilled with precision is the case of the Messiah being foretold to die 483 years after the issuing of a decree to rebuild the city of Jerusalem and the sanctuary. This prophecy was fulfilled precisely as foretold when Persian King Artaxerxes issued the decree in 445 BC that the city of Jerusalem was to be rebuilt and that the Jewish Temple was to also be rebuilt. It is interesting to note that 483 years to the exact date Jesus rode into Jerusalem on that fateful Palm Sunday and was declared to be the prophesied Messiah. We know that Jesus was eventually rejected and killed by crucifixion days later. This is an extraordinary example of how God foretells the future and gets it right every time. This sort of precision and consistency is what separates the Holy Bible from the rest of the religions of the world.

From a close examination of Bible prophecy we can see that Jesus fulfilled many other prophecies exactly as foretold in the scriptures. For example, the Bible foretold that the Messiah would come from the small town of Bethlehem. This small town was just one of among what scholars believe were over 3,000 villages and towns in Israel at the time. The Messiah was also said to be born of a virgin, this is an incredible prophecy that literally would have had to have divine intervention in order for it to occur. And that is exactly the case as God's Holy Spirit overcame the Virgin Mary and conceived what would literally be God in the flesh - Jesus Christ.

Another incredible example of Bible prophecy fulfilled is the one where the prophet Ezekiel predicts to the exact day when the modern nation of Israel would be reborn again. This prophecy was given thousands of years before it's fateful fulfillment in 1948. Truly this a miracle that could have only happened with divine intervention. The fact is that the Bible is chock full of fulfilled prophecies from the First Coming of Christ to the earliest book in the Bible - Genesis. In fact, the very first prophecy found in the Bible comes from the Book of Genesis. This prophecy is about the coming Messiah that God would send in the future to redeem mankind.

In the end, Bible prophecy fulfilled is the hand of God in the affairs of the world to show that he is who he says he is and that he will do what he says he will do. God does not ask for blind faith in him, through Bible prophecy fulfilled we can see that the truth that validates and authenticates the word of God - the Holy Bible.

I encourage everyone to read the Bible and in particular the topic of Bible prophecy so that your faith in God is strengthened and that you will be prepared to give an answer to those who ask you about your faith. The statistical laws of probability have ruled out any chance that Bible prophecy was fulfilled by coincidence. The genuine seeker of the truth will find what they are looking for in Bible prophecy that has already been fulfilled.

God bless.

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