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Bible Prophecy 2012

Bible Prophecy 2012
By Chris Schang

One of the most popular topics for discussion among those who follow Bible prophecy is the the year 2012. Bible prophecy 2012 is a hot topic based upon the ancient calendar created by the Mayan Indian tribe of Central America. The Mayans were like most pagans in that they worshiped various gods and had idols of every kind all around. One of the most terrible aspects of the Mayan civilization was that they performed human sacrifices to the pagan gods. As we know from the Bible human sacrifices are forbidden as God does not approve of murder. While God did allow the sacrifices of animals in the past as part of his teaching to the ancient Israelites, the sacrifice of animals was to be a foreshadow of the "lamb of God" that was Jesus Christ who bore the sins of the world and at one time paid the sin debt for all of mankind if they would just believe in his work on the Cross.

Mayan traditions about the year 2012 have become a hot topic as many people see more and more catastrophes in the world and on a much greater frequency. But when dealing with the Mayan prophecies about the end of the world in 2012 one needs to realize that these prophecies are not God inspired. They are simply pagan prophecies and teachings that people have run wild over. While I am just as anxious for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ as the next person, we need to remember that these Mayan prophecies are nothing more than the word of natural men from a long lost civilization who may have been influenced by the occult. Human sacrifices are certainly not from God so it is possible that any "insight" the Mayans got was probably not from God. In fact, I am sure that it was not from God. This appears to be another classic example of Satan masquerading as an angel of light giving out false prophecies and deceiving mankind yet again.

As far as Bible prophecy 2012 is concerned, I don't know what it holds. I believe that only time will tell on this crucial time period. But it is my firm belief that people should truly ignore any supposed connections between true Bible prophecy and those from supposed prophecy sources like the Mayans. The Bible does not say anything about the year 2012 in it. So for that reason I believe that the best thing for Christians to do is to simply to stay sober and watch what happens as far as Bible prophecy is concerned in 2012.

I hope this article has been helpful to people and to make them aware that in the end times we can expect all kinds of distractions as it relates to Bible prophecy. The Mayan prophecies of 2012 are not the only thing circling the popular discussions about Bible prophecy 2012, there is also interest in supposed prophecies from Nostradamus and other psychics who have written about the future.

The truth is that these supposed extra-biblical prophecies must be discarded and thrown in the trash because the only prophecies a Christian should be concerned about are the ones coming from God himself. And God's prophecies are only found in the Holy Bible. While Bible prophecy 2012 remains a hot topic, avoid the rush of the popular fad theology of the day and remain steady in the Holy Bible.

I hope this article has shared some light on the subject of Bible prophecy 2012. While 2012 could be a busy year for Bible prophecy, we will just have to wait and see. We need to avoid the temptation to seek extra-biblical junk and hold fast to God's Word as found in the Holy Bible.

God bless.

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